[Birthday wishes...and a dream]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 01-08-03 07:15

January 9, 1959 - The day my sister was born...Happy Birthday Lori Anne Flanigan

Who would have known that this child was going to change the world in so many ways??

As a baby Lori had been diagnosed with an Atrial Septal Defect - it was repaired by the time she was 5. She lived a rather normal life. When she was a teenager HCM was diagnosed -(IHSS back then)

Her greatest joy in life was the birth of her children John and Stacey - Her world was complete with them in it. She laughed so often and at the strangest things. Lori found the good in everyone and tried her best to make the best of any situation. She gave so much of herself in hopes of finding a cure for HCM, for her children and her family. She paid the ultimate price, she gave her life.

She was taken from us on June 16, 1995 - HCM and poor care left us with an empty space in our family - and broke our hearts.

After her death the HCMA was created in her honor - in her memory and in the hopes no one else would have an empty space left in their family. We are here to LIVE with HCM as best we can, also to be here for those families when HCM has been less then kind and has taken a loved one away.

Moments ago I made the official changes that will bring up the new website... I guess my procrastination had a hidden purpose - -The new improved site should go live on January 9th 2003 - my birthday gift to Lori.

It is my dream that the new and improved site bring needing information, support and knowledge to those who seek it and that Lori's spirit may live through the HCMA and our website.

Happy Birthday Lori, we all miss you and love you…but know the world is a better place because you were here. God Bless Lori


Lisa Salberg

Lori's sister and President HCMA