[God bless 2 more...]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 01-07-03 15:55

Hi all,

As Sarah said I am not very well...today I have NO voice and must admit breathing is even a chore! But I had to post this news...

2 children died in the past 24 hours in NYC - -

NYC just passed a law REQUIRING all schools have AED's...these 2 schools did not have AED's and 2 children are now dead. Would the AED's have saved them...who knows...Did they have HCM...so far no word...the girl did have a history of heart problems, the boy had no history of problems.

The boy, age 19 was playing Basketball, the girl, I think she was 16 was in gym class.

God Bless these 2 young people and help their families during this very difficult time.


Lisa Salberg

for more information or to view the clip for this evenings news log on to www.wncb.com - check live at 5 and you can view the clip - this will likely only work for a few hours as they update it every few hours.


[Re: God bless 2 more...]

Author: Laura (66.97.93.---)

Date: 01-07-03 20:28

I looked for the site it is actually...www.wnbc.com and it was still there at

10pm pst.

Hard to believe they had no AED's, the one school was even for Special Ed children.