Author: Mothman (65.127.122.---)

Date: 01-03-03 17:59

I have some questions about mvp and an enlarged heart. i have had mvp since i was 15. im 23 now. my bp is 130/80 and welli am worried about getting an enlarged heart from mvp. Can this happen. if the heart is enlarged from mvp can u shrink it back down to its normal size or is it enlarged forever? how effective are meds at doing this if it is possiable? and i feel fine other then some fatigue which could be due to my Ulcerative Colitis i have. I seen my cardioligist last month and he listend to my heart and said everything was fine. no echo, only had one of those when i was first told i had mvp. they mentioned nothing about leakege or regurgitation. do u think i will be ok?