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ICD or Pacemaker


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  • ICD or Pacemaker

    [ICD or Pacemaker]

    Author: Karen (---.ns.sympatico.ca)

    Date: 01-03-03 13:08

    This may sound like a stupid question but I see in many of your post about an ICD, is this the same as a Pacemaker? If it is not what is the difference?


    [Re: ICD or Pacemaker]

    Author: Patricia wonderly (---.56.28.219.Dial1.Buffalo1.Level3.net)

    Date: 01-03-03 13:37


    An ICD is an automatic cardiac defibrillator. An ICD is different than a pacemaker.

    An ICD is put in place to deliver a shock when the heart is in v-tach etc. It will keep you alive in the event of cardiac arrest...which some of us are at high risk for..

    A pacemaker is meant to regulate rythm on a regular basis..You do not feel a pacemaker , at least not like an ICD.

    My unit is a dual chamber ICD/pacemaker. It has the capability of all these functions.

    What is probably confusing, is that even single chamber ICD's have pacing capabilities. This pacing is meant to bring you back to a normal beat after being shocked.

    Now that I have totally confused you. Have a nice weekend.


    [Re: ICD or Pacemaker]

    Author: Reenie (---.snbrca.adelphia.net)

    Date: 01-03-03 14:17


    Patricia is right, pacemakers solely pace the heart, meaning they control the heart rate. An ICD would be able to shock the heart back into a regular rhythm if it gets too far out of parameters. Some ICD's can also pace if they detect that you need it. My husband has a combo ICD. If his heart rate falls below the settings his electophysiologist programmed in, it will pace him to keep the heart rate up. Likewise, if he gets above a pre-programmed level, it will attempt to pace him, then shock him if the pacing doesn't do the job. Thank goodness we've never had to deal with either incident! I hope we've been able to clear this up for you a little.



    [Re: ICD or Pacemaker]

    Author: Sarah B--Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

    Date: 01-03-03 20:02


    Great answers --this is just to clarify what people say --- (and you can visit medtronic.com and guidant.com for technical info on devices.

    When someone here (or usually anywhere else) says "pacemaker" --they mean the device that is controlling their heart rate. When they say "ICD," they mean a device that will shock them back to normal if they go into a dangerous heart rhythm. More and more ICDs are dual purpose, and when someone says ICD, they _may_ mean a dual device, but no one says just "pacemaker" when describing a dual device (well, hardly anyone).

    Ok, that was confusing!!



    [Re: ICD or Pacemaker]

    Author: Heather (65.247.157.---)

    Date: 01-04-03 05:53

    My dr. referred to my pacer/ICD as a PCD........what does this refer to? I assume it stands for something.........



    [Re: ICD or Pacemaker]

    Author: Sarah B--Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

    Date: 01-04-03 06:14


    Medtronic, a maker of ICDs, has trademarked a name for one of it's ICDs as "PCD." This is a dual ICD/packemaker device.

    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.