[Family update and Need for defribulators in school]

Author: Kay (204.184.29.---)

Date: 01-02-03 06:50

First, let me tell you my family update. I took Brandon, (my three year old) to Dr. Rhee on the 19th of December. They did another Echo which confirmed with my other doctor's. He also put a holter monitor on Brandon for 24 hours. I do not have the results of this yet. Dr. Rhee seems to think that at this time it would not be beneficial for Brandon to have a defribulator implanted. He says they only like to do defribulators, especially in kids his age, when there are two risk factors. Brandon has one, the sudden death of my 10-year old nephew Derek. Another reason he don't want to do the defribulator at this point is because he is so small. He's afraid of having to replace the leads more often than in an adult and then as he gets older and "really" needs the device they won't be able to implant one due to the scarring or removing the leads as a child.

Dr Rhee has also looked at the autopsy report of my son, Bejamin who died before he was born. He states, "Benjamin's heart weight was above normal based on gestational age and body weight. No comment was made (on the autopsy) whether the septum seemed abnormally thick. I think the autopsy was inconclusive, but it does suggest that Benjamin might have died from HCM." Given this information, the opinion to wait for a defibulator for Brandon makes me very nervous. I don't want him implanted with a defribulator unnecessarily, but I hate to think of the consequences. Lisa, what is your opinion since there now may be two sudden death's in my family - one being Brandon's brother. I would like to fax to you a copy of Benjamin's autopsy report, but do not have your fax number. Please call or write the fax number here.

I know this is long, but I have one more concern. Dr. Rhee is ordering me a home defribulator for Brandon. Brandon goes to school in a year an a half. How do I go about getting a defribulator placed in the school? I would like to get something passed that they be placed in all the schools in the area, but would like to start with his first. Can I just raise money and have one placed there? Do I need to talk to the principal, superintendent? How can I find out from legislature if something is already being implemented? I hate to have to have him carry this portable defribulator back and forth on the bus every day. PLEASE HELP! Thank you for all you do.


[Re: Family update and Need for defribulators in school]

Author: Sarah B. Board Moderator (12.144.99.---)

Date: 01-02-03 07:16


Please call Lisa at 973-983-7429 to talk to her about getting a defib placed inthe school and her fax number.

You can call your city hall and ask them about public defibs and you will have to talk to the principal.But there is more info that Lisa can give you over the phone.

Take care



[Re: Family update and Need for defribulators in school]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 01-02-03 17:00

Sarah - we spoke...thanks Lisa