[Alcohol Ablation]

Author: Sara (---.bear.com)

Date: 03-13-02 15:46

Does anyone know an older person who had this procedure done? My mother-in-law is 70 and has severe shortness of breath, heart palpitations, cannot walk steps without stopping, barely is able to do much of anything. Her doctor in England has presented this procedure; she has an appointment to do a test to see if she can withstand it from an overall health perspective. Any information anyone has on an older person's result would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


[Re: Alcohol Ablation]

Author: sarah beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 03-15-02 03:33

Dear Sara

I know that many people have had successful alcohol ablations. The HCMA office may be able to hook you up with some of them, but I can't personally give you info on seniors. I think the most important part is that you are healthy enough to recover from the insult of the procedure (any invasive procedure is an "insult" to the body).

It is a good sign that the doctors are making sure that she is a good candidate.

Let us know how it goes and best wishes,