[Laughing Too Hard]

Author: Annette (---.neave01.pa.comcast.net)

Date: 12-30-02 17:30

Has anyone else ever experienced this-----I was hysterically laughing with my family and I suddenly became very lightheaded and thought I was going to pass out. I didn't but it was a terrible feeling and it has happened to me more than once. I always worry about the sudden death part of this illness and I know it's a higher risk for those that do faint so, of course, this is a worry. Just wondering if anyone else has this happen to them. I hate to give up laughter--that's way too much to ask!!!!!


[Re: Laughing Too Hard]

Author: Sarah B--Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

Date: 12-30-02 17:32

Dear Annette,

This type of phenomena is usually due to pressure on the vagus nerve and is probably not due to your HCMA heart at all. Don't worry, be happy, as Bobbie McFerrin said.

But report any dizzy spells to your doctor to be safe.

Happy new year,



[Re: Laughing Too Hard]

Author: Larry (---.ppp.fcc.net)

Date: 12-31-02 05:23

I have no HCM symptoms, and this has happened to me a lot more than once!


[Re: Laughing Too Hard]

Author: Bobby (---.tnt3.corydon.in.da.uu.net)

Date: 12-31-02 07:15

I have been feeling like I'm going to pass out here recently too.

But not from laughing.I work in a lound environment so when I talk I have to almost yell. And last friday I got really light headed while I was talking to someone. Then I could hear my eardrums swishing back and forth.It sounded like A helicopter. I went to the emergancy room and they ran some test and said I was just fine.I asked them what could have caused it they said they didn't know. I've been hearing that alot here lately I'ts very scary to me also.


[Re: Laughing Too Hard]

Author: Patrick (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 01-07-03 15:10

It happend to me. I was laughing hysterically in my truck during work at a joke somone said and did pass out. Luckily my friend grabbed the wheel and I was only out for a few seconds. It was scary. I have just been diagnosed with HCM.