[echo report questions]

Author: Dolly (Andrew's mom) (---.pressenter.com)

Date: 12-28-02 05:00

I was comparing Andrew's latest echo to the past few. It is stated in the "summary of findings" that his septum is measuring 26-30mm (It has increased since one year ago, which has been his steady pattern all along.) That seems like quite a spread there! They have always had it pinpointed to one measurment in the past, so I was curious about this spread of 26-30.

Looking through the individual measurment recordings I found some #'s I was wondering if they might explain the 26-30.

IVSd 26 mm

IVSs 33 mm

Aorta 30mm

Obviously the septum in diastolic is 26. Would one of the others be the range up to the 30 that is mentioned?

And which do you use when you all talk about the posterior wall? Systolic or diastolic? they have listed:

LVPWd 10 mm

LVPWs 14 mm

And finally, his valve situation is as follows:

mild tricuspid insufficiency

mild mitral (increase from trivial)

mild arortic insufficiency

What does the following note mean?

"Shows evidence for mild flow velocity acceleration in the aorta at 1.7 m/sec."

Dolly ~

mom to 13 year old Andrew who has HCM

septal myectomy in '96

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