[Office hours over holidays and EP studies?]

Author: Cynthia Waldman (---.dsl.lsan03.pacbell.net)

Date: 12-27-02 15:09

Hi everyone,

I experienced a near fainting episode right before X-mas and now my electrophysiologist is recommending an EP study for me since I have had an episode or 2 of non-sustained V-tach on holter monitoring and since I almost passed out. I am really not sure what to do since I have understood from reading here and in other places that EP studies don't help make predictions in HCM.

I should add that I am a 38 year old woman who had a benign brain tumor removed in February of this past year following the birth of my now 13 mo. old son. This is relevant because I need to have annual MRIs to monitor my brain stem and as I am sure you all know, ICDs don't get along with MRI machines, and there is a 5% chance my tumor might grow back and it almost killed me once already.

Anyway, the upshot is that I want to talk to Lisa and find someone to give me a 2nd opinion (preferably here in Los Angeles). I left a message on the machine at the office yesterday, but I haven't heard back. I know that its the holidays and everyone is on vacation (and clearly Lisa is entitled to enjoy her holiday) but I was wondering if anyone knew when she would be available.

Thanks in advance, and happy holidays.

P.S. I would also appreciate any input on the issue of whether a HCM patient's arrythmia might be cured by ablation during the EP study, or whether its sole value is to provide insight into the provokability of a lethal arrythmia and the adviseability of an ICD.


[Re: Office hours over holidays and EP studies?]

Author: Linda, Bd of Directors (---.wmnsmd.adelphia.net)

Date: 12-27-02 16:07

Cynthia, You've certainly got a lot on your plate. Lisa will be back with you before long, she often answers calls Sat am's. I can't say about this Sat, but she will be able to help you with referral info. If it is determined that you will benefit from an ICD, don't be afraid of followup for the tumor. Remember that MRI has not been available all that long, there are other ways of keeping close tabs on that. MRI may be the best and most efficient, but I'm sure your neurologist/neurosurgeon would not want to compromise your safety or deny you a potentially life-saving piece of equipment if it were advisable to have an ICD. I know Lisa will also discuss the current thoughts of the value of EP testing in HCM. A positive test is positive, but a negative test may not be reliable result. As for curing an arrythmia with ablation, it would be difficult to know that there was only one arrythmia. The ICD is the protection. Linda


[Re: Office hours over holidays and EP studies?]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 12-27-02 16:22

Cynthia... I will be in the office on Saturday morning and in fact I will be around for the better part of the day. I am also going to email my home phone should you miss me in the office...The holidays are nuts and I know you will want to chat so feel free to try the home # if you miss me in the office.

All the best,


Oh thats funny me taking time off... have you heard the term workaholic...well thats me! If you do not see me on the board, I am on emails..not there ..newsletters...not there at a scientific session..not there with my family ...and so on and so on