[God Bless Us, Everyone!]

Author: Board Moderator: Sarah Beckley (---.56.136.137.Dial1.Chicago1.Level3.net)

Date: 12-25-02 07:36

Dear HCMA family,

I want to say "Thank you, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year" to all of you.

I know way, way too many of us are spending this holiday missing someone who should be here with us. I just want to say that from my own personal experience, it does get easier ---not easy, not perfect, but easier. We will still cry, but we will celebrate knowing he is here in spirit, verily.

Thank you for letting me mouth off, sound off, tell you off, and generally stomp around here in my small attempt to make this board a safe, sound place where everyone can share, speak, and seek answers.




[Re: God Bless Us, Everyone!]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 12-25-02 10:44

Sarah - Thank you for all you dao...stomping, sounding off, mouthing off...and the rest!

Happy Holiday!



[Re: God Bless Us, Everyone!]

Author: Maura Mendoza (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 12-26-02 07:19

Belated Holiday Greetings !

yes the day was embraced missing Travis, yet I know he was very much a part of our day in thoughts, memories, and a few twinkling and flickering of lights !! We survived our first Christmas !! Thank you all for your love and support and the many well wishes on my engagement to Walter ! Love and Blessings for you all in the new Year, Maura Mendoza and Family