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Update from Evaluation at Mayo Clinic


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  • Update from Evaluation at Mayo Clinic

    [Update from Evaluation at Mayo Clinic]

    Author: christine (---.proxy.aol.com)

    Date: 12-22-02 05:35

    Just wanted to let everyone know about my evaluation at the Mayo Clinic with Dr. Tajik and Dr. Cha on Dec. 3rd...

    The first day I had several tests: Blood work, EKG, Chest X-ray, Echo...Second day: Appointment with Dr. Tajik. He scheduled a stress echo that day...and a treadmill test the following morning...He wanted me to see Dr. Cha for my arrythymias...She wanted to have an EP Study done to determine 100% that I needed a defibrillator...however the results from my treadmill test confirmed their diagnosis that I needed an ICD....The next day I was scheduled for the implant...

    Never even thought about a defibrillator!

    My results are that my septal size is 3.3 (quite thick) and a gradient of 30-35.(mild)...I have mild obstruction at this time...which is good but with my family history and test results, both were convinced that the ICD was the first step and then some medication changes which Dr. Tajik recommended to my cardiologist...I will start that after Christmas...

    I will go back in 6 months to see if things stay stable...then I might not need surgery to reduce the muscle unless the obstruction increases and medication doesn't help....I am going to try taking the supplement Co Q-10 for 6 months..Dr. Tajik said that it's worth a try...200 mg 2x a day for 3 months and then 100 mg 2x a day for 3 months until I see him again in June...

    I am adjusting to the ICD...Everyday has been better...I have the most problems sleeping...I dreaded going to bed....I am small framed on the top and they positioned my ICD so that it's not so visible...It feels so heavy and I'm still sore...It's only been since Dec. 6th...

    I had been a little emotional at first...On my flight home, when I told them I had an ICD and that I couldn't be scanned, they searched me...When I was asked about the defibrillator, I started to cry...I was very uncomfortable yet....

    I work at a Power Plant and I am concerned about the magnetic and electrical fields there...I received a report from Guidant (brand that I have) on the ratings, etc...I need to take that to my employer to evaulate my work location, etc...

    So much to worry about right now...but I know that after I get on a normal schedule with appointments, checkups, medications I will return to my normal self...I don't want to worry about myself so much...

    So much to say....but most of all....THANK YOU to everyone!!!!




    [Re: Update from Evaluation at Mayo Clinic]

    Author: Board Moderator (Sarah Beckley (---.client.attbi.com)

    Date: 12-22-02 05:41

    Dear Christine,

    It is a lot to deal with when you literally find out you are having surgery the next day --let alone for an ICD placement. Give yourself time to adapt, you have had a big change. Try and take it very slowly and don't worry to far ahead. Enjoy xmas and don't do too much.

    In time, you will adjust. Most of us, ICD or not, sleep on our right sides and some propped up on pillows. They have lots of funny pillow shapes these days, too, you should see if some of those help take pressure off your ICD.

    Take care and happy holidays,



    [Re: Update from Evaluation at Mayo Clinic]

    Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 12-22-02 07:00


    I am happy to hear that your home and starting to adjust to your ICD - It takes time to get use to haveing the "box", but within a few weeks it will seem like not such a big thing ( really...I have been there )

    With your septal measurement it is clear that you had 1 risk factor for getting the ICD - -I for one am happy you have it

    Hint for the airports to make your like a little less srtessful... (ok some of these are less then scientific..but you have to find your fun somewhere

    1. wear slip on shoes ..they seem to always want to check your feet these days.

    2. CAREFULLY check the lines BEFORE you get on one...LOOK for the cute guys..in hopes that they will have no female agents available and you can get patted down by a cutie! - FYI I have tried many time yet have not been successful, please advise if you can ever get this to work for you.

    3. Think about # 2 whenever traveling.. at the very least it will give you something to think about and hopefully laugh while your waiting

    4. Have your ICD info card out and ready to show the agents.

    I travel a great deal and have had good expereince will all security personnal to date.

    Re your employment - you have ample protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA with regards to accomodations your employer MUST make for you. Speak to your company reps (likely in the HR Dept) and bring them all your information on the device and any special provisions your Doc has given. Your Employer has a right to have you seen by a company doctor to confirm the request. As you can well imagine the ADA is a tool many "USE" to attempt to get 'out' of working to the best of their ability, leaving those who really need it having to fight too hard sometimes...therefore the more prepared you are going to your company and the more information you handover upfront the more likely they are to assist you and make all accomodations simple and stressless.

    (FOR THOSE who may not know I have spent the past 17 years on HR..so I am giving you BOTH sides of the ADA situation.)

    For now..rest...enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year!

    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.

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