[Delaware Heart Screening]

Author: Stew Krug (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 12-14-02 11:24

I am organizing a Heart Screening for Red Clay School District in Wilmington, DE. Our tentative date is either March 15 or March 22, 2003. We are planning to hold the screening at McKean High School. We hope to screen 300+ atheletes.

Anyone in DE interested in supporting this effort can contact me at the above email address, call me at 302-994-5906, or post response on the message board. I can really use help in organizing food donations, scheduling volunteers, etc. Thanks for taking time to read this message.



[Re: Delaware Heart Screening]

Author: Sarah B. Board Moderator (12.144.99.---)

Date: 12-16-02 09:10

Dear Stew,

I hope you get some help with this. Please keep us updated on your progress. I'm sorry, I'm in Chicago or I'd help you out.

take care,



[Re: Delaware Heart Screening]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 12-19-02 15:56

Hi everyone, I have been working with Stew for sometime attempting to pull this screening together. Many of you have asked "how can I help"...well this is one way! We could use your time in the DE are to help with various duties throughout the event.

Email me if you can help in anyway!

Thanks a million!