[Genuine care]

Author: Leon (---.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net)

Date: 12-12-02 14:49

Hi Lisa (and everyone else).

Today I had an experience that rarely if ever happens anymore, and I have you to thank in part. The cardiologist at Hershey Medical Center, to whom you referred me for a second opinion, gave me an unexpected call. Even though he is not my primary cardiologist, he went to the trouble of getting my actual echo video. He then read my echo (as opposed to simply depending on the report). His words were, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” He called me at work to tell me what he saw and that he is all the more certain that I do need an ICD.

My wife, a nurse, said, “They don’t make doctors like that anymore. Perhaps a few family practitioners might do that, but specialists just don’t make those kinds of calls!” Thanks again for helping me make that connection. The genuine care he showed me and the care I read about from those doctors well acquainted with HCM, is an extra gift to those of us who face the loss of normal life due to HCM.




[Re: Genuine care]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 12-12-02 14:55

The doctor you are speaking of is one of the rare ones, this I am sure of! Dr. Eric Popjes is a wonderful person, doctor and friend to the HCMA.

I am not suprised at all that he made this call nor that he took the extra time to ensure everything was as it should be.

Thank you Leon for sharing your story!



[Re: Genuine care]

Author: Mary S. (---.net273.fl.sprint-hsd.net)

Date: 12-12-02 19:10

You are absolutly right! Good doctors are hard to come by. My local cardiologist Dr. Kim is awesome. He stood by my side during all of my ordeals this year. When he didn't know the answer he told me he didn't and did everything in his power (including getting me a referral to Boston) to make sure I got the treatment I needed. If you ever need a cardiologist in the Central Florida area he is definately your man.

Mary S.


[Re: Genuine care]

Author: Pat H (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 12-12-02 20:47

I feel the same way about Dr. Lever and Dr. Asher in CC. I could not believe that Dr. Lever waited in his office for a call from me. It was after 7 pm at night. Then called me back within minutes to tell me he was trying to set up a time with Dr. Asher because he would be out of town. After my visit to CC, Dr. Asher also called me on Monday night to let me know he was working on getting me setup to talk to Dr. Wilkoff. These are the top doctors in the US/ World in HCM and they take the time to care about all of their patients. I guess that is what makes them tops in their field. Thank GOD for all of them and many they continue to be able to help us all.

Mary can you give me more information about Dr. Kim. Where is he at in FL? Need to find one to work with my Mom in Zephyrhills. Thanks

Pat H


[Re: Genuine care]

Author: Mary S. (---.net163.fl.sprint-hsd.net)

Date: 12-13-02 02:33

Dr. Kim is in Kissimmee. Which would be a bit of a drive for you but if I moved out there I would still go to him! He is with the Cardiovascular associates.

Mary S.


[Re: Genuine care]

Author: Lisa Salberg (208.47.172.---)

Date: 12-13-02 11:16

There are many many wonderful doctors out in the community helping us every day! We thank each of them for all they do. For those who do not know much about HCM... we are hear to help!

Just a quick thought!