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To all those who personally sent me emails


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  • To all those who personally sent me emails

    [To all those who personally sent me emails]

    Author: Michelle, Emily's Mom (---.hay.net)

    Date: 12-10-02 18:43

    Thank you for the support you've given me. I'm glad I was able to raise the questions that many others had, but were unable to voice. Emails from parents, other RN's and 1 doc have given me more courage to continue to be honest in my opinions, despite Adam's last email to me off this forum.

    Just so the forum knows, I've also received 2 rather nasty emails from Adam to my home email-address. I will not regail the information as it's not necessary to bore you with the insults I received. We have chosen to send this to our Internet Provider to deal with.

    If you wish, Lisa and Sarah, let me know and I'll gladly forward what I've put up with off the forum.


    [Re: To all those who personally sent me emails]

    Author: Board Moderator (Sarah Beckley (---.client.attbi.com)

    Date: 12-10-02 18:49

    Dear Michelle,

    I'm very unhappy to hear this. This message board is for support, not for tearing down. As the moderator, it is my job to keep the peace.

    If _anyone_, ever, receives inappropriate or hurtful messages from posters, please send them to me.

    Our new message board with the new web site will have stronger features to bar people from posting entirely if they are unable to post according to the HCMA guidelines.




    [Re: To all those who personally sent me emails]

    Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 12-11-02 04:25

    To all,

    I have emailed Michelle a private email addressing her concerns. I do wish to publicly state that the HCMA is here to allow free flowing information to all interested in HCM. We may not all agree at all times and that is healthy it leads to questions, comments and answers.

    I will not however allow the HCMA to be a part of any communications that are rude, hurtful or half truths. We began as a "support" group and have grown to be an advocacy, education and support group...lets remember our roots and try to support each other.

    I do not post this simply in responce to this issue between Adam and Michelle, there have been other times that I feel some may have been a bit harsh to one an other. Please remember we all have our own issues, fears, concerns and what is "right" for one may not be "right" for someone else. Life is far too short for fighting on such matters as these, lets all place this behind us and move on.

    I do hope to see both Adam and Michelle on the board in the future as I believe they both have valid view points worthy of thought and concideration by others.

    Wishing you all good health,

    Lisa Salberg


    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.