[Tv show re-run]

Author: Dolly (Andrew's mom) (---.pressenter.com)

Date: 12-09-02 14:39

(Sorry if this is all broke up. I didn't want to re-write it all so I copied and pasted it from an email I sent out!)

I know many of you missed the Life Moments show that had a segment on

the kids heart camp Andrew attended this summer. So here is good news! It was

chosen as a re-run!

It is scheduled to air again on Friday December 13th.

It airs at different times in different areas and on different

networks........so check your local listings! You can also go to the

Life Moments web site and find the time and channel in your area by

clicking on the "Find Your Local Time" link . http://www.lifemoments.com

It is shown in most areas of the United States.

Andrew is shown on the show several times. Here is a "heads-up" of the

shots of Andrew:

*The first time I saw him was one of the very first shots of the kids

themseleves. He is standing with a bright, multi colored beach towel

wrapped around him.

*Then I saw him again close up when they get to the part where they

start saying "after 5 days" and kids are walking into the cabin. Andrew

was one of the kids walking in. He has A white t-shirt on with an

American flag on it.

*He is shown again during the candle lighting ceremony. After they

mention a

boy named Eric, they show a close up of Andrew. Again in the T-shirt

with the American flag.

*And at the very end when all the kids are posing by the deck in red

T-shirts, Andrew is on the very top, leaning against the railing.

We saw him several other times, but it would be hard to point him out in

those shots.



[Re: Tv show re-run]

Author: Sarah B. Board Moderator (12.144.99.---)

Date: 12-10-02 08:06

Dear Dolly,

Thanks for letting us know! I'll try and find it out here in Chicago.

Take care,