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Cleveland Clinic what to expect?


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  • Cleveland Clinic what to expect?

    [Cleveland Clinic what to expect?]

    Author: Beckie from Ohio (---.210.227.253.Dial1.Cincinnati1.Level3.net)

    Date: 12-08-02 06:23

    Hello out there, if you see this message in another place its because I don't know what I am doing when it comes to leaving a message sorry!I am going to CCF on Dec. 11 to see Dr. Lever and have a few questions if anyone can help. Has anyone ever stayed at the Guest House? I have a very early appointment and therefore have to leave the day before, they say it is close to where I want to go. What should I expect as far as testing? I have been told by my last cardiologist that I have cardiomyopathy but he didn't have any measurements from heart cath. he did and this sounded incomplete to me and his nurse is impossible to deal with. The first cardiologist I went to said I have mitral regurgatation and left ventricle thicking,second one said no mitral regurgatation but global thickening and very high ej fraction 90%. I really do not know what to think so I made an appointment with Dr. Lever. Does Dr. Lever treat other heart dieases if I don't have HCM? Another question I have is should I mention to Dr. Lever my problem with stomach swelling and on going bladder infections 6 of them this year. I don't think they are heart related but are really giving me problems. I have been very sick this summer and fall with sob,fatigue,chest tightness and pain, I couldn't do much of anything until they changed my meds to altace and tenormin, they have helped some. Any comments will help Thanks alot , Warmly, Beckie from Ohio PS. Shouldn't the heart cath. I had given me more information he did tell me my arteries are good but very high blood pressure inside the heart and out, no other information.


    [Re: Cleveland Clinic what to expect?]

    Author: Jerry Salzman (---.indy.rr.com)

    Date: 12-08-02 07:59


    We stayed at the guest house and my wife stayed there while I was in the hospital. About holiday Inn quality and very convenient. They have constant shuttle service to the different hospital stops, but you could easily walk to Dr. Lever's office.

    Dr. Lever will know what to do, and I would tell him everything. Even if you have something that he is not an expert in, there are collegues that will be, and they do confer when they need to.

    Cleveland Clinic is rated the best, because it is. Believe me, you are going to the right place.



    [Re: Cleveland Clinic what to expect?]

    Author: Sarah B. -Board Moderator (---.dsl.chi.megapath.net)

    Date: 12-08-02 10:50

    Dear Beckie,

    I've met Dr. Lever several times and he is a great guy and doctor. He will want to know your entire health history and you should have your local cardiologist forward all your tests, labs, records, to Dr. Lever before you get there.

    Write down all of your questions and keep them with you when talking to Dr. Lever. While HCM is something he specializes in, he is not goig to kick you out of his office if you don't have it!!!

    You will be in great hands, so relax, write up all of your concerns and have a good trip. Let us know how it goes.



    [Re: Cleveland Clinic what to expect?]

    Author: Robert Hartwell (---.focal8.interaccess.com)

    Date: 12-08-02 11:26


    For your visit to Cleveland, you should have already received a schedule of testing that they do for new patients who come to them with HCM. Although testing may vary, I was given and Echo, EKG, chest x-ray, medical history review, full exam by Dr. Lever, and a stress echo. This will all occur in one day typically. Be prepared for a long day. Dr. Lever will be following all of your testing throughout the day and may want to speak with you at the end of the day. I was writing down questions all day and met with Dr. Lever at 7:00 pm for a final discussion. He is a great doctor.

    At this time I would recommend the Guest House as well. You can park your car and take the shuttle service. It is nice and not too expensive.

    The testing will determine if you have HCM or not and at what level. Be honest about any current or past medical problems. You will be in great hands.

    Bob Hartwell
    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.

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