[IHSS and Chronic A-Fib]

Author: Dwane (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 02-28-02 02:08

Does anyone have both these conditions?


[Re: IHSS and Chronic A-Fib]

Author: Charles Farris (---.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net)

Date: 03-06-02 21:42


I had the alcohol ablation done in September 1997 in Houston TX. My gradient at the time was 100 and I had no quality of life. The procedure left me with a gradient of 60 and although I felt better, I was still quite limited in my activities. I had the procedure repeated in November, 1997 with outstanding results, a gradient of “0”.

I went for my 4 year follow-up last month and am happy to report that my gradient remains at “0”. I am off all medication and am free to do what ever I like (no limitations or restrictions)

I would recommend this procedure and have it done again myself. It has been the greatest thing to happen to me. I got my life back.

Dr. William Spencer in Houston TX did the procedure as part of the Alcohol study. His home office is in S. Carolina now I believe, and comes to Houston once a month for procedures and follow-ups.

After I had the alcohol ablation done I was still having bouts with A-Fib. This went on for about 2 years and finally the A-Fib got so bad, I was at the ER it seemed like once a month having to be carfioverted back into regular rhythm. My local cardiologist referred me to Dr. J. Micheal Duncan at the Texas Heart Institute where I had what is called the Maze Procedure done. They go in throught the chest and cut slits into the outer lining and into the heart. They sew them back up and when the scar tissue builds up on the inside this acts as a block for the A-Fib. It stops the beating of the heart from going haywire. Since I had the procedure done, 2 years ago, I have not had any symptoms of A-Fib and am no longer on any meds whatsoever. I have my life back.

If you have questions or would like more information, don’t hesitate to write.

Charles Farris

Pasadena, TX.

[email protected]


[Re: IHSS and Chronic A-Fib]

Author: sarah beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 03-07-02 02:46

Dear Dwane


My aunt and my brother both have HCM/IHSS and have been in afib for 30 and 12 years, respectively. I have been in and out of afib (with HCM) for the past year.

I take Tikosyn (dofetilide) a new drug (potassium-channel blocker) and it works very well. I will go into afib if I dont' get enough water, sleep or relaxation.

My brother won't try tikosyn but he's been out for a long time, so it is unlikely it would work for him.

What medications have you tried? How are you doing? Would you like to correspond with any of us?

Take care,



[Re: IHSS and Chronic A-Fib]

Author: Jay (---.187.132.24.dslextreme.com)

Date: 04-27-02 02:54

Has anyone had any negative results with alcohol ablation? Has anyone had any negative results with atrial ablation?