[Echos and Insurance]

Author: Brody (211.218.2.---)

Date: 11-26-02 15:55


I have been reading the post on Doctor's - Good and Bad and a thought came to me and it may have already been suggested.

It would seem that insurance companies need to be involved with diagnosing HCM. This may sound cold, but the cost they pay out in death benefits could be saved by providing the funds/support of echos during physical examinations. This could begin with a limited scope - during sports physicals and the companies would need to ensure that the echos are part of the exam. This could possibly end up saving the companies money by paying on fewer claims.




[Re: Echos and Insurance]

Author: Sarah B. Board Moderator (12.144.99.---)

Date: 11-27-02 06:05

Dear Brody,

In an ideal world, insurance companies would also pay for other things that prevent illnesses. Some few are starting to pay or sponsor stop smoking programs and wellness programs, but on a very limited basis. Someday....



[Re: Echos and Insurance]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 11-28-02 06:15


Yes and no... yes some insurance carriers would save money ...HEALTH and LIFE insurance companies are in many cases different companies with nothing to do with each other. Yes there are companies that provide both coverages, however in most corp. structures they work under different budgets and one will not benefit the other. so no they would not see a savings.

HOWEVER... preventitive care is key to long term quality of life and those with better quality of life...cost less to a health ins. company... so here I am back to YES.

Good thoughts...keep thinking!