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The joys and bliss of Chicken Pox


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  • The joys and bliss of Chicken Pox

    [The joys and bliss of Chicken Pox]

    Author: Michelle, Emily's Mom (---.hay.net)

    Date: 11-25-02 17:06

    Anyone out there with info regarding Chicken Pox (or as my 9 y/o used to say when she was 4, 'chicken-in-a-box') and HCM?

    My Emily has developed a rash of bumps 2 days ago, which I just noticed tonight going into blisters. Em had unspecific high fever last week, no fever the past 5 days.

    Her HCM is doing well, in fact she seems to be 'growing into her thickened septum'. The thickness over the septum hasn't increased since she was 3 mos old.

    At 2.5 y/o, she's a really spunky kid, and I couldn't keep her down if I tried. Even with high fever, she was still wanting to play tea party and 'babies'.

    Anyone out there had experience with HCM (Em has Wolfe-Parkinson-White Syndrome, too) and Chicken Pox, I'd love to hear from you! Can't get in to see my GP until Tuesday afternoon.



    [Re: The joys and bliss of Chicken Pox]

    Author: Janessa (---.dialsprint.net)

    Date: 11-25-02 18:15

    Hi Michelle,

    My little one is now 4 and she caught the pox from her older brother about two years ago. She has HCM, he does not. The funny thing is that they both received the vaccine so I was quite surprised.

    She did fine. Since they received the vaccine, the actual breakouts were minor. Nothing like the old days. We did the whole routine with the oatmeal baths and calamine lotion -- calamine lotion is really a joke -- but the oatmeal seemed to help. I also gave them warm tea to drink. It may be an old wives tale but I was told that the warmth helps to bring out all of the pox at the same time so you can go ahead and get them over with instead of having them come out in waves. The fevers were minor, we've had worse fevers from the common cold. It was just hard keeping them comfortable from the itch. I clipped Kennedy's nails as close as I could and filed them good with an emeryboard to keep her from scratching.

    The whole adventure ran for about 7 days. Light action on the front and on the back ends with a whole lot going on in the middle. If memory serves correct, there is a 3 day incubation period soooo if she was around any other little ones within 3 days before the breakout you may need to call other parents to put them on alert.

    We had gone to church just prior to our breakout so I had the unfortunate job of calling the parents and letting them know that their kids had been exposed.

    So that was our experience. Her HCM had no affect on her Pox or side affects AT ALL (Thank Goodness).

    Good luck, have fun and don't waste your money on the calamine lotion!


    [Re: The joys and bliss of Chicken Pox]

    Author: Sarah B. -Board Moderator (---.client.attbi.com)

    Date: 11-25-02 18:48


    My brother and I both had chicken pox and there wasn't any problem. I do remember that oatmeal bath as being particularly wonderful --I didn't want to get out! And I hate water!!!

    In general, avoid any over the counter medications with stimulants, epinephrine, ephedrine, etc.



    [Re: The joys and bliss of Chicken Pox]

    Author: Dolly (Andrew's mom) (---.pressenter.com)

    Date: 11-26-02 06:59


    Andrew had the "pox" about a year ago at the age of 12. He cuaght them from his older brother, who was 17 at the time. Both boys had SEVERE outbreaks. With lesions covering from head to toe and the worst.....in their mouths, on thier tongues and down their throats. It came with fevers and major headaches. They were miserable. BUT, despite how severe the outbreak was, Andrew had no problems with his heart during all this.

    Hope this helps ease your mind! Good luck and I hope Emily's is a "minor" case!!


    P.S. I also have to vote fot the oatmeal baths as the best relief!


    [Re: The joys and bliss of Chicken Pox]

    Author: Michelle, Emily's Mom (---.hay.net)

    Date: 11-26-02 09:19

    Thanks for the relief everyone!!

    As of today, Emily officially has 'Chicken-in-a-Box', but so far a mild case. No fever and no irritability.

    I've been applying Aveeno Lotion, as well as giving the Aveeno baths. Emily, in the meantime, is happier than a clam (point to ponder, do we really know how happy a clam really is?...) to have all this extra attention from mom.

    I finally have a blissful break (it's nap time), so I'm going to catch up on some ZZZ's.

    Thanks again, because although Em's heart is doing well, you always tend to worry when things like this come up!

    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.