[RF Ablation and ICD]

Author: Sonja (203.32.169.---)

Date: 11-06-02 19:01

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on my husband, Bill. On September 30 he had Radio Frequency ablation to stop Atrial Fibrilation. This was done here in Sydney Australia. They were only able to do 2.5 of the 4 veins as the muscle around the top part of the heart was a thcker than they had anticipated. They also said that there is a 50% chance that the atrial fibrilations will come back and he may need to have the RF ablation again. Four days after this they inserted an ICD. This went smoothly and was discharged from hospital after they tested the device. In doing the testing they put his hear into AF and the ICD worked as it should have. They then tried to put his heart into VF but were unable to do this and told us that it was actually good that they couldn't do this. I guess that part of his heart is stronger than they expected. Eight days after the ICD was fitted, Bill's arm was aching. We thought that we had been a bit too active and spent the next day very quietly at home. However, the pain increased even more and on the Monday night (10 days after the surgery) we had a look at the ICD site. It looked like Bill had a tennis ball sitting under his skin. Of course the first thing that we thought was that the ICD had come out of the muscle. We dashed back to the hospital and eventually we found out that he had a haemotoma under the ICD and this caused the whole area to swell up and the swelling then went down his arm. He went into surgery again and they released the pressure of the haematoma. He of course had lots of bruising from the middle of his chest down to his wrist. After this he was very weak. Last Thursday (4 weeks after the ICD was fitted) he started to pick up and is now doing really well. The bruising has just about gone and the swelling is starting to go down in the area under his arm and chest. He is starting feel like his old self again. I must say that if we had not read all the information on this message board and website before all these procedures started we would have felt like we were floundering in the dark. Thanks to everyone for sharing you experiences. It helps to make you feel as though you are not on your own.


[Re: RF Ablation and ICD]

Author: Lisa Salberg (208.47.172.---)

Date: 11-07-02 11:54

Hello and I am glad he is feeling well now! My father had a similar issue with his ICD implant.

Thank you for sharing your story and give our best wishes to your husband.!



[Re: RF Ablation and ICD]

Author: Dolly (Andrew's mom) (---.pressenter.com)

Date: 11-07-02 13:31

Hi Sonja,

What a terrible experience Bill had with his ICD implant! There are always risks involved with any type procedure, but generaly and ICD implant goes pretty smoothly. I am sorry Bill had to be one of the few to have problems!! Hope he contiues to mend without any further complications!


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Andrew's story: http://www.designsbydolly.com/andrew


[Re: RF Ablation and ICD]

Author: Sonja (203.32.169.---)

Date: 11-10-02 19:31

Thank you Lisa and Dolly for your thoughts and best wishes. iwill pass them onto to Bill.