[Post Surgery Pain]

Author: Robert Hartwell (---.focal2.interaccess.com)

Date: 11-19-02 11:30

I need some input from those of you who are further along in recovering from Myectomy surgery than I am. I am 1 week post surgery and have what seems to be muscle pain in my right shoulder in the back around the shoulder blade and in the muscles below the armpit. This pain did extend across the back to the left side, but that has gone away.

Without this shoulder pain, I would feel pretty good. Did others of you have this? How long did it last?


Bob Hartwell


[Re: Post Surgery Pain]

Author: Lisa Salberg (167.165.39.---)

Date: 11-19-02 14:44

Bob, first call your doc and let him know...we must rule out infection... but it is likely just pain associated with the healing process.

Call Cleveland and check with them.

All the best...

Lisa and Sarah...writing together from Chicago


[Re: Post Surgery Pain]

Author: Jerry Salzman (---.indy.rr.com)

Date: 11-19-02 15:13


Please call the docs. It sounds similar to when I got fluid on the lungs. Other than that I did not have back pain. Of course the chest pain/discomfort still is happening almost 3 months later.



[Re: Post Surgery Pain]

Author: Lynn Stewart (67.39.31.---)

Date: 11-19-02 15:18

Hi Bob,

I know I sound like a broken record, but please call the docs to check things out. It hopefully should be as simple as some of the post-surgery pain I had in my neck; literally I had a stiff/painful neck and right shoulder for about 2 weeks straight. For me it was just some of the 'battle wounds' from the surgery itself and a massage would have really helped I just didn't think to persue it at the time. So calling the doctors to rule other things out is the first step, secondly if it's just recovery pain, asking them for suggestions on things you can do to alleviate it are equally as important.

All the best, so glad you are home!



[Re: Post Surgery Pain]

Author: Robert Hartwell (---.focal6.interaccess.com)

Date: 11-20-02 17:26

Well I finally got a call back from Cleveland. It is difficult to speak to your doctor when he is partying in Chicago with Lisa and Sarah! ))

Seriously though, after a bunch of questions, it was felt that this is simply muscular pain from the surgery. There is no pain when I am still, and when I move my arm, the pain/ache is always in the muscles that get pulled. I can still take deep breaths, and have not be SOB, dizzy, or light headed.

Nevertheless, I have a doctors appointment in the morning to get things checked out. Thanks for your comments guys.



[Re: Post Surgery Pain]

Author: Lisa Salberg (167.165.39.---)

Date: 11-20-02 17:40

I have not been partying with Dr. Lever...well maybe Monday night but not today

Oh maybe I should have said this last week... never get sick during AHA or ACC all the docs are here! You know I feel safe

glad to hear you will be seeing your doc. I will be back in Chicago in March for ACC I hope to see you then.