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pregnancy & meds


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  • pregnancy & meds

    [pregnancy & meds]

    Author: LisaV (159.121.94.---)

    Date: 02-12-02 15:05

    I’ve been following the group postings for a couple of months and now it’s my turn to ask for advise…I was diagnosed with HCM (with mild obstruction) last fall. I’m 39. My cardiologist started me on Atenolol and with some interim dosage modifications ended up on 50 mg/day. This helped my symptoms – primarily, strong pounding heart and difficulty with exertion (running), including problems breathing, weak limbs, and coughing up blood. So with the Atenolol, I was able to continue my running without any problems. Well, now I’m pregnant – first time. My doc weaned me off of the Atenolol to protect the baby and we’re in a “wait and see” mode before he prescribes something else. I’ve cut back to walking instead of running and thus far have not had any problems, although the strong heartbeat is starting to come back.

    What problems have women had with beta blockers and pregnancy? With HCM and pregnancy? My HCM is fairly mild, but with the additional blood volume and weight gain with pregnancy, I’m wondering what I can expect. I’ve already been labeled as a “high risk” pregnancy and have been set up to see a perinatologist. Of course, by cardiologist will keep close track of the pregnancy.

    Mostly, I would like to hear about the group’s experiences.

    Thank you!!


    [Re: pregnancy & meds]

    Author: Shannon Santagate (---.galileo.com)

    Date: 02-13-02 14:13

    Hi Lisa!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's so exciting!

    I have had HCM since childhood but have only been on meds for about 10 years. I am 34. I was pregnant in '98 and on Verapamil and Disopromide (no beta blockers.) My doctor kept me on those meds throughout the pregnancy (she reduced the Verapamil by half) and I had no problems. I don't know about beta blockers with pregnancy. I actually felt better than normal through the pregnancy as far as the heart palps and breathlessness goes. My cardiologist said that a pregnancy is actually good for HCM patients and that the extra blood volume is not a hinderance. I was also a "high risk" pregnancy and had a c-section because they didn't want me to go through labor. But like I said, I had absolutely no problems with pregnancy or delivery -- so don't worry! Just enjoy yourself and prepare to be a mom!



    [Re: pregnancy & meds]

    Author: Amy Woods (164.119.203.---)

    Date: 02-14-02 17:09

    I am 29 and have had no children. But when we did ask my cardiologist about complications with pregnancy he said the same thing as Shannon said above. The extra blood volume is good for your heart and you should feel better. He also said I would be a high risk pregnancy and would not have to go through "end stage labor".
    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.