[HCM AND WPW together]

Author: Emily's Mom (---.hay.net)

Date: 02-08-02 21:25


I have an 18mos daughter who was diagnosed at birth with Wolfe-Parkinson-White Syndrome (Arrythemia - sends her into V-Tach), and with HCM. I have been all over the internet looking for any information that could possibly relate the two. I've also been looking for others with same for possibly statistics, however many tell me my Emily is a rare-one. I go to London's Children's Hospital, London, Ontario. Our Paeds Card is the greatest, and has much experience with infants, however he's unsure of the outcome for Emily. He's not as concerned with her HCM as he is about the WPW.

She develops these fevers every so often (100F - 103F - today was 103.4F) when she has a cold. Her heart rate scrambles up to 160 and stays there for the duration of her cold. Does anyone else have this? Is there anything else I should be concerned about when she gets sick?

If anyone has this information or anything relating WPW and HCM, I would certainly appreciate a reply.

God Bless to all!

Michelle, Emily's Mom