Author: Jody (---.s155.tnt1.abrd.md.dialup.rcn.com)

Date: 02-08-02 01:19

My husband was diagnosed with HCM two and a half years ago. He received a pacemaker at that time, then a defibrillator two months ago after a positive EP study. Earlier this week he had a TIA. Doctors want him to take Plavix but he is resisting. Does anyone have experience with this?


[Re: TIA]

Author: beckley (---.biz.mindspring.com)

Date: 02-12-02 00:03


I've had a TIA myself and I must urge your husband to take the Plavix ASAP!

Or Coumadin. Both reduce the risk of strokes and TIAs by thinning the blood.

Now that he's already had a TIA, he is at risk for another one or even a full-blown stroke. My mother is brain damaged and permanently without the use of her right side due to her stroke. Strokes and TIA's can do serious damage or even cause sudden death, so please encourage your husband to talk to his doctors about why he doesn't want to take the medication.

Ultimately, it is his decision, but he should be fully aware of the choice he is making.

Best wishes and let us know how he is doing.