I myself am not a big podcast person....I seem to keep forgetting to get there on time LOL. However, I just thought I'd bring attention to an upcoming HCMA podcast on NORPACE also known as Disopyramide. Norpace can be a key component of an HCM treatment plan...PARTICULARILY those who have Symptomatic obstruction. Many cardiologists who are NOT HCM specialists are not comfortable with using this drug..... Which means, as a patient, you could lose out on a valuable component to your treatment. It is not a first line drug .... That means that things like beta blockers and calcium channel blockers are used first to relieve symptoms.....However, if the first line drugs become ineffective or have too many side effects often Norpace is used before considering surgical myectomy.
Look on the website or call HCMA to get details on how to join the podcast. Mark Sherred MD is doing the talk and he IS an excellent HCM specialist. May 25, 2016 12 pm ( not sure of time zone etc.)