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Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants


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  • Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

    I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that the Giants play their "Home" games in NJ and that many of the players live, you guessed it, in NJ and most of the staff lives, yup in NJ and many of the fans - yes you guessed right - are from NJ.

    There is not a great deal of work getting done today in the great Garden State as it is just about a State holiday here!

    Regardless of where you live and who you were pulling for you have to admit it was a great game - this coming from the woman who really is not a football fan.

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    Re: Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

    While I wanted the Patriots to win (don't throw anything please) since I am a Redskins fan I didn't feel all that strongly about the game. That being said, the Giant defense was amazing and impossible comeback near the end was a work of art! The Manning family must be proud! It was a great game!

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      Re: Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

      I must admit it was an anxiety provoking game and I am happy for you and all the Giant fans but my heart aches today and I am in mourning...booo hooo!

      I had a rough night dream wise and found myself taking Tom Brady out to the car to get away safely. He did not need a disguise as no one paid any attention to him.. how sad I was for him... however THRILLED for myself to be looking out for him. GOTTA*love those beta blockers and vivid dreams!

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        Re: Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

        I just wanted to mention that I went to the same school in New Orleans as Eli and Peyton Manning. I would say that I went to school with them, but Peyton was in kindergarten when I was a senior, but we are in the same yearbook!

        Anyway, it is amazing that my little prep school, which I have to tell you is NOT known for sports, is now the alma mater of not just one, but TWO Super Bowl MVPs.

        Since it seems that my New Orleans Saints can't ever get it together, at least a couple of our home town boys have made good.

        GO ELI!!!!
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          Re: Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

          Hi All,

          I have not been on in a while but lurking and reading posts. I too like Pam am in mouring! I have never seen a group of grown men as sad as the group I was with last night!

          I also had a dream about Tom Brady. My husband and I bumped into to him walking down the road and he told us how sorry he was that he blew it. I told him that is ok they can't expect you to carry them all the time. He said can I do anything to make this up to you and my husband whipped out his cell phone and said yes let me get a picture with you. Just then Giselle appeared and it wa the 3 of them in the shot.

          I just hope that the Pats fan don't forget the great year the Pats gave us!!!!

          Hope everyone out there is doing well. All is well in my little world!

          Barbara - aka - Greatful


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            Re: Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

            We watched the game outside (I hate to say we had a heater on but we did) here in Az. 15 giant fans and 1 patriot. It was a good game. No I was not the Patriot fan.

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              Re: Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

              I'm not a big football fan, but here in Ma., it's practically an official day of mourning.
              The REAL sports season starts in about 2 weeks when pitchers and catchers report for spring training!


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                Re: Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

                It was a terrific game! I usually don't like the Super Bowl because there are so many blowouts it's not fun to watch but this one sure kept us in suspense. My favorite play of all was the one where the receiver caught the ball and even smashed it to his helmet to keep control, all the while staying in bounds. What a terrific play!!!

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                  Re: Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

                  It was a great game --- but as was the case with the Packers-Giants, the stress level is too high for these contests!

                  After reading about the recent NEJM study http://www.newsday.com/news/health/n...,3869991.story ("German study links heart trouble, game-day stress") on the impact of sports viewing on heart function, I decided to take my BP during the 4th quarter last night. Only 177/103 -- and a heart rate I only get in intense exercise -- and that with 100 mgs of beta blocker in my system!



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                    Re: Greeting from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

                    My son was an over-the-top Giants fan. He was the personification of FANatic. He and his buddy were season ticket holders. In fact, the second pro football game my daughter in law saw was the SUPERBOWL in Florida. (they lost that year, but the two of them had a blast)

                    My husband and I went to the cemetery yesterday morning and brought Mark a balloon and a plastic plaque that said "who wants it more?"

                    I got a zillion emails today from people who knew him giving him credit for helping the Pats to fumble and helping to clear the way for Manning to do the things he did so well.

                    Last week we distributed several of the MANY, MANY shirts Mark had to my family. It was like a free for all. They loved it because he had shirts from the 1980s, so there was something to fit almost everyone. My 12 year old niece couldn't understand how Mark, who was so big, had a shirt that fit her...until her mother pointed out that the shirt was from 1986!

                    All in all it was a good experience, but I think I'm the only Giants fan who CRIED at the end. I knew how happy Mark would have been and I was sad because he wasn't here to see it.

                    When we had the fundraiser for the scholarship we have in his name, the Giants org donated an autographed Manning poster. No one bought it, so my daughter bought it for her "friend." I'm sure he'll be holding onto that for dear life now.

                    Well, let's hear it for the NEW JERSEY Giants! Truth be told...that does sound a little lame, and I've lived in NJ most of my life --I'm only about 45 mins. from East Rutherford. Hey, what's in a name????

                    Take care and remember, "it ain't over 'til it's over." Mark always believed that...he never left a game early no matter how badly they were losing.

                    Son died of cardiac shock second to HCM at age 36.
                    Live Well...Laugh Often...Love Much


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                      Re: Greeting from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

                      I have to say I'm not a big football fan but that was a great game and yes we were rooting for the Giants and it did keep you on the edge of your seats GREAT GAME!!!!!!! GIANTS!!!!!!!

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                        Re: Greating from NJ the REAL home of the Giants

                        Being from Mass, this was a tough loss to take. The last regular season game between the two, I knew they would meet again.
                        Joe Del

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