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Any Douglas Adams Fans Out There?


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  • Any Douglas Adams Fans Out There?

    Hiya cool froods!

    Just nine more days till Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy hits the theaters here in the U.S. Woo hoo! Anyone here on the board as excited about it as i am? (Maybe not... i'm kind of a huge nerd). Nonetheless, the reviews have been quite favorable so far, and i'm happy in the knowledge that the screenplay was written by Douglas Adams himself and that they have followed it pretty closely.

    I've been a huge fan for most of my adult life, and have always taken my Hitchhiker's Guide on digs with me for those nights in the Bates-like motels with not much to do.

    Of course i will take my towel with me on opening night like any self-respecting Douglas Adams fan should. Not just any towel mind you... oh no... it will be the most appropriately hideous towel i can lay my hands on. LoL. Wouldn't it be cool if they'd released the movie on Towel Day? But hey, i'm not complaining.

    The official movie website is here, and another great source for movie information is here.


    "Some days you're the dog... some days you're the hydrant."

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    oh yeah

    The 29th is a hat trick for me...

    HGTTG opens
    OS X Tiger is released
    It is my LAST DAY at my current job (in tech support)

    WOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!

    You want to thrown down who's a bigger geek? I have six computers, 2 PDAs, an iPod, the cell phone goes without saying, and I have five or six email addresses, own four domain names, and until next week, I support 40 people on four different operating systems -by myself.


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      Crikey... you spilled nerd all over me there girl.

      "Some days you're the dog... some days you're the hydrant."


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        i'm not a geek

        to paraphrase jessica rabbit, i'm not a geek, I was just programmed that way.

        ok. i'll stop now.


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          We're looking forward to the movie too, but mostly my husband is. And Sarah - Jim?? You are both nerd freaks! But we love ya that way.


          PS: Sarah, my son is going on a field trip to Chicago (Field Museum) next month. I might get to chaperone. Wanna meet?

          Husband has HCM.
          3 kids - ages 23, 21, & 19. All presently clear of HCM.


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            Okay, I want to see HGTTG, Star Wars will be here next month, 60% of the lights in my house are motion sensative, I own a Roomba, I am looking at getting a RoboMower, I bought a front loading washing machine, I only have 1 computer but I have 7 e-mail address, I buy a lot of stuff off e-bay, when I lap swim I have a fancy waterproof radio, I try to pick up women off the internet(I know that does not make me a geek um, nevermind) and the one thing that puts me over the top.........I ride a recumbent bicycle with am/fm/mp3 in stereo

            Every day is a present I was diagnosed when I was 38, I have asthma which made me assume it was ashtma, getting old, and being about 30 lbs over what I should be. I have days when I would rather not know. Myectomy club 3Jan06 CCF, my life is so much better!!!!


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              Sarah and Jim,

              OK you both win... your both GEEKS!

              Knowledge is power ... Stay informed!
              YOU can make a difference - all you have to do is try!

              Dx age 12 current age 46 and counting!
              lost: 5 family members to HCM (SCD, Stroke, CHF)
              Others diagnosed living with HCM (or gene +) include - daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, sister and many many friends!
              Therapy - ICD (implanted 97, 01, 04 and 11, medication
              Currently not obstructed
              Complications - unnecessary pacemaker and stroke (unrelated to each other)


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                winning all the way around

                Dear Reenie

                YOU BETCHA!! PM me the details. I haven't seen the Jackie O exhibit yet either, i think it is in town till the end of May (?).

                Jim-Scott-- I just won free passes to see HGTTG on TUESDAY!!!

                Woo hoo! again!

                I leave tomorrow morning for a workshop on energy healing, so I'm excited.

                Lisa--you know we are just playing (but run SuSe Linux on my PC laptop, Scott )


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                  Sarah, will let you know when I know more. I'd love to see the Jackie O exhibit. We'll be going on the 12. (If I get chosen to chaperone. Only a few will get to go - unless I just go on my own.)


                  Husband has HCM.
                  3 kids - ages 23, 21, & 19. All presently clear of HCM.


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                    Great. Let me know when you know.


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                      OH HEY!

                      I want in too! I'm a huge nerd as well. We have six PCs, 5 PDA, 3 digital camera, a 53inc big screen TV with Suround sound.

                      I also worked at Innoventions the Road to Tomorrow. I was one of the first people in the world to get to ride a Segway on a daily basis and crash it into the sliding doors at EPCOT in front of about 100 people.

                      I think I beat Jim out because I'm part Borg with my AICD and all. Heck my roommate even named me 1880 of 2000 when he saw the serial number on my x-ray. So now every time I have an ICD Interrogation I am rejoining the collective!

                      Oh yeah Captain Picard could kick Captain Kirk's butt any day of the week!

                      I got my thumb out for a ride next week to see HGGTG!

                      (aka Mary S.)


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                        joy joy joy

                        Cool beans, Mary! I mean 1880 of 2K!

                        i won free passes to see HGTTG on Tuesday (did I mention that?)

                        My energy workshop was amazing. www.donnaeden.com

                        ok. i have to go pay attention the boyfriend who missed me all weekend.



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                          I've heard of her. She has a great energy medicine book out. What do you think of her class?

                          I'm interested but money it tight right now.

                          I'm envious of you getting free tickets!

                          Mary S.


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                            most of what she taught is in the book, so if you can check it out of the library, it is worth it.

                            the energy in your body should be connected and crossing, like making a circuit, but in some people (usually people who are sick or had surgery) their energy is running in parrallel and the exercise in the world just makes you more tired --especially walking.

                            there are exercises in the book to get your energy flowing normally.

                            PM for more info.



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