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Prescription glasses for 4 yr old.


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  • Prescription glasses for 4 yr old.

    Nobody in my family has ever worn glasses, so this is new to me. I did try looking for info online but couldn't find what I was looking for. I am hoping someone can help me here.

    We were told my 4 yr old needed glasses. He's apparently farsighted. My husband picked up his glasses today and I was shocked at how thick they are. Tyler says he can not see a thing while wearing them. I know it will take a bit for him to adjust to them, but judging by the thickness of the lens, he should barely be able to see at all without them.

    FYI- We were asked if we noticed him having a hard time seeing things close up or if he had trouble picking small things up. We haven't and I have been watching him closely these past few weeks. He also sees a speech pathologist twice a week and she has never noticed him having difficulty either.

    Is it typical that he should not be able to see anything through them at first? How long before he should be fully adjusted to them?

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    Hi Pam,
    First of all, the thickness of the glasses is no longer a good measure of their power. They could have been made thick to inhibit braking – especially with a four year old. On the other hand, you can get ‘ultra thins’ which are quite powerful. Then of course there are the scratch resistant coated plastics which can not only be thin, they can be lightweight so they don’t squeeze the bridge of the nose. It’s a whole new world out there.

    What I would suggest with a four year old is to do a simple eye test with him yourself, using pictures from a magazine. Try to discover how clearly he can describe the picture with and without the glasses. If you still suspect they are not for him, go back to the eye doctor and have him re-tested.

    It is quite possible that he did something like rubbed his eyes just before the test which screwed up the results. In any case, if the glasses are not for him he should not be wearing them. Good luck,


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      My sister's child has been in glasses since 18 months old and he's also farsighted. Did you take him to a pediatric opthamologist? That would be the best bet. Trust your gut instincts. If you don't think they're right for him, they may not be. I agree with Burt, try having him identify pictures with and without the glasses. It shouldn't take too long to adjust to them. If they aren't right, go back to the doctor or get a second opinion. My sister had to get a second opinion on her son because the Rx wasn't right for him. Apparently the doctor started all small children off on the same Rx since he was too small to talk to him. She said that if you would want to email her she would be glad to talk to you about it and give you pointers. PM me if you want the address.


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