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LV wall thickness concerns


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  • LV wall thickness concerns

    Hello everyone, first off i would like to thank you all for this informative and supportive board. I am a 28 year old female from a family with hcm. All my uncles have it (father's brothers), however my dad is now 56 and so far he is clear and echocardiogram and ecg and stress tests all normal. Recently, myself and my 26 year old brother got tested and doctor said all normal. Unfortunately, no genetic testing available in our country.
    however, i am just worried and since you guys are very knowledgable about hcm i am seeking ur input.
    both me and my brother have a LV wall thickness of 0.9cm and my father 0.8cm.

    i am worried that 0.9cm is on the high side and not really normal. What do you guys think ?

    naturally, without hcm late onset or hypertension would the thickness grow past 28 years of age ?

    i will appreciate any input
    thank you

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    Hi, FatimaR,

    New member here -- a LV wall thickness of under 15mm (1.5cm) is considered negative for HCM. I have HOCM so my 2 teenage children get tested every year Every year their wall thickness is around the same as yours and your brother's and the pediatric cardiologist gives us high fives and sends us on our way for another year. At age 26 and 28 you need to continue to get tested every 5 years and see a HCM trained cardiologist sooner if you notice any signs of HCM (unusual fatigue, shortness of breath, fainting or near fainting, etc.).

    EDIT - I just re-read your post and saw that HCM runs in your Dad's family but he's currently negative. As things stand now you have a 25% chance -- your Dad has a 50% chance. He should continue to be tested every five years, it's a judgment call on whether you and your brother need to continue to be tested. My family is in a similar boat - I have it but my sister is currently negative -- she and her kids decided to continue to be tested..

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      Fatima, I am not a doctor, but in my own case, my cardiologist said he grows concerned when he sees a septal wall over 1.5mm. (Mine had reached 2.2mm thick and he called it mild, and said 3mm would be severe.) But the wall thickness is only one of several measurements that he looks for in the heart during an Echo. He also considers whether you have symptoms like fainting, shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations, chest pain, etc. to determine your course of treatment. If you aren't having any symptoms like this, especially under exertion, it may not be a problem for you to worry about right now. But if you do start having symptoms like this, and for your own peace of mind, I would suggest you find a cardiologist experience with HCM and have them do more thorough testing to start. They should be able to help you understand your situation better and give you advice about what to do next. Do you know of any HCM Centers in your country or in a neighboring country where you could turn for help? Perhaps a separate post on this site asking for referrals in your country would be a good next step for you as well.

      Either way, hope you stay symptom free for many years to come!
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        I think there's a bit of confusion about units here. A septum of 9mm isn't thick, and neither is one of 3mm. If it was 3cm, that would be thick. I'll bet your cardiologist gets concerned at 2.2cm, not at 2.2mm!

        For reference: 10mm = 1cm. As an example, having a septum of 30mm (3cm) is usually considered a reason to install an ICD. If they installed them at 3mm, we'd all have ICD's.

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          Gordon, I stand corrected! Mine was indeed 2.2 cm not 2.2 mm! Sorry for any confusion, Fatima!


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