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What happened to Forum? why its kinda broken?


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  • What happened to Forum? why its kinda broken?

    During last few months i see less and less posts on forum and it probably is due to technical problems lately.

    so here are a few thoughts.

    1- Changing the forum softeware back and forth => this cause url change which in return cause probaly with SEO => ranking drops for major keywords like for example "chest pain during exercise" etc.. so people can not find it.

    2- Moving from subfolder www.4hcm.org/forum/ => http://messageboard.4hcm.org/ this again caused a lot of issues..

    3- Links were broken from frontpage to forum for weeks

    4- still when you come from frontpage to froum section it not taking you directly to forum but to some weird mid page then from there to forum section with wrong url pattern.

    5- Forum was not updated and it was hacked like 3-4 times

    Just some suggestion to keep this knowledge base up and running since it has a lot important infos for HCM patients.

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    Thanks. I think that, for the most part, most of those problems have been solved.

    There's an additional factor: many people are posting in the Facebook group. However, since it's not moderated the way this board is, it definitely has its downside.
    Myectomy on Feb. 5, 2007.


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      I stoped because up to today answering heather's private message is the first time since last sept. could I log on, everytime I tried to log in it wouldn't let me so I gave up
      had HCM since birth
      'enlarged heart' identified in 96'
      HOCM dx in 7/08
      Myectomy 8/09
      extended Myectomy 5/10
      'End stage' HCM dx 8/10
      CRT-D implanted 9/10
      evaluated for Transplant 11/10
      Listed for transplant 6/11


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        Maztbo.... Have thought of you often and wondered how you were doing! I'm not sure what is happening with the new web site....Gordon says the bugs have been worked out and to notify the HCMA if we have any issues with the site. For some reason though it is very quiet on the forum.....I understand many people use Facebook ..... Which I do not. When you have time, catch us up.
        After years of symptoms:
        Officially Diagnosed HOCM 2006
        Myectomy 3/11/13 at non-COE
        Extended Myectomy 7/23/14
        At Mayo with Dr. Joseph Dearani


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          I am not sure that the site problems are solved. In signing in yesterday I had to go through a password change. Same thing when I tried to log in today -- change the password again and to comment on this thread I had to log again even though I had logged into the main site. The problems seem to be long term and on-going since the change and are frustrating.


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            ARe there other groups or websites with HCM forums?? I just registered here but it doesnt seem like there are many ppl here I joined the FB group but havent been accepted in yet...I was hoping maybe there was a state specific group so I could meet up with other Wisconsinites.