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left atrial radiofrequency ablation with Dr. Patrick Tchou


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  • left atrial radiofrequency ablation with Dr. Patrick Tchou

    My husband is a HOCM patient who had an septal alcohol ablation 8 years ago. His current problem is a-fib. After numerous cardioversions and medications have "failed", it has been decided that we should try a left atrial radiofrequency ablation. We are scheduling it for October at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Patrick Tchou is the EP who is performing the procedure. (Dr. Harry Lever is his cardiologist there...love him!)

    My questions are simple.
    1. Has anyone out there had a left atrial radiofrequency ablation? And...
    2. Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Patrick Tchou?

    I am just doing my "homework" before we go forward with this. I think this is our best option for solving his problem, I just want to know what other people have experienced and what we can expect. After many sleepless nights, I am actually excited about having this done (my hubby, rightly so, is a little more worried than I am.) But, he has been feeling lousy for a very long time, so we need to try something else. Our hope is for a successful procedure and years of feeling well!

    Please let me know if you have an information. What would we do without the HCMA?!

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    Re: left atrial radiofrequency ablation with Dr. Patrick Tchou


    Hello to you and your hubby. Although I have not had an alcohol ablation, I did have a myectomy (7 years ago.) I have had three radio-frequency ablations, done at The Cleveland Clinic, under Dr. Lever's guidance. The first ablation did not stop all the a-fibs. I was then put under the care of Dr. Tchou. It was decided to do a Pulmonary Vein Isolation (ablation.) As the a-fibs returned, he wanted to do another, more widely scrutinized, ablation (third time's a charm!) It has now been over two years (Apr. 2005) since that procedure. I am very happy to say I have been a-fib free. Those doctors are the BEST!

    I have sent you a PM. What part of Michigan are you located? I, too, am in Michigan. If any questions that I might be able to answer, please ask.

    Diagnosed 1996, Myectomy Aug. 2000, 3 Radio-frequency ablations for a-fibs 2003-2005.


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      Re: left atrial radiofrequency ablation with Dr. Patrick Tchou

      I have also had Dr. Tchou do a PVI on me, 3 times now. He's a great doctor and if I was to choose to have this done it would be with doctor Tchou. I went from constantly being in and out of the hospital, bed and needing cardioversions every 3 weeks to now having short runs of Afib, my heart is very enlarged on the LV, so for me it may be almost impossiable to fix the afib. After 3 shots, I don't know if I will elect to have another surgery if it doesn't hold this time. But my case was very difficult.