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low bp?


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blazinspirit 30 yrs old, diagnosed hcm in 1988, ICD implant 2001 & replaced 2005, AF,CHF Find out more about blazinspirit
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  • low bp?

    Is there many others of ya, that have problems with low blood pressure. I have been having trouble with that over the last year or two. When I have ended up in the hospital it has been hard on me, cause the last time I couldn't have anymore med's for pain or to slow my heart rate cause my bp was to low, like 70's/40's or 80's/50's at those times. That scares me.

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    Re: low bp?

    I also have problems with low bp. The lowest it has been measured is 50/30 after I gave birth, but it is regularly in the 80/50 range. It makes me feel weak and no energy. I try to drink water and watch hydration well to compensate.
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      Re: low bp?

      I too have a low BP acually it goes from 80/40s to 140/90 the doctor just shakes her head and said no wonder you get lightheaded alot and yes I get really tired when it happens

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      Myectomy 2-23-2004
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      Son: John diagnosed 2004
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        Re: low bp?

        Yes, Low bp here, too. I've had 80/can't get a bottom number. Two different nurses tried with the same results. Both tried several times on both arms. The Doc finally was able to get one, but I don't remember what it was.


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          Re: low bp?

          My bp has been low most of my life. I first noticed it when I was 16 going in for a dental treatment and they wouldn't do anything until I was checked out by my Dr. because of my bp. My bp did go up after my ICD was implanted in Oct. 06, but has been dropping again to 80's/50's at rest. I have not been able to take too many of the meds, because of the low bp. Has this been a problem for any of you?
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            Re: low bp?

            A question for all of you who suffer from Low BP. I also have low BP...90/60 typically, and this makes me dizzy when I stand up. When I take the HCM meds I get even dizzier than the AFLAC Goose when I stand up.

            Have you found any of the HCM meds that help at all and don't make the orthostatic Hypotension even worse...

            Please,,,,say yes....it's driving me batty......Quack, Quack.

            Diagnosed in June 2007, Pacemaker Oct 2007, Myectomy in Feb 2009 at Cleveland Clinic, Two daughters, both checked with Ultrasounds in 2008, all OK so far. Two grandchildren both check with Ultrasounds and all is OK to date. OH YES....Harry, the Doggie, says Hi also. sigpic


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              Re: low bp?

              As this is often a common complaint for you and others. Have you tried taking your dose right before bedtime? I know when I started my Lisinopril a few weeks ago and increased the dose. I took it at bedtime and it helped minimize that effect. I know it is an ace inhibitor and it seems to make me lose fluid ( bad fluid) more efFectively .. I have had to REALLY increase my fluid intake as a consequence. Because of those dizzy sensations that can come on. When we HARP on fluid intake it is because it is REALLY important. See if it helps changing your time that you take it.....AND keep a bottle of water to drink at bedside every time you awaken.

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                Re: low bp?

                Low BP here as well. Increased the fluid intake. That helped. Created new problem though. Not sleeping very well because I get up two to three times in the night to go to the bathroom.....sigh...

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                  Re: low bp?

                  I hear that DAve. I drink more fluid and then I make the trip to the bathroom many times in the night....what a pain..

                  Diagnosed in June 2007, Pacemaker Oct 2007, Myectomy in Feb 2009 at Cleveland Clinic, Two daughters, both checked with Ultrasounds in 2008, all OK so far. Two grandchildren both check with Ultrasounds and all is OK to date. OH YES....Harry, the Doggie, says Hi also. sigpic


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                    Re: low bp?

                    Regarding trips to the bathroom...for you guys out there.....a helpful hint. Tony takes the urinal he's gotten from his many hospital stays to the bedroom with him. Our bedroom is located upstairs and bathroom is downstairs. He is on diuretics for CHF so this has saved him lots of steps and lost sleep as he is generally able to fall right back to sleep since he's not making the long trip to the toidy. I however still have to make the midnight pilgrimage.

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