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I need Cough Medicine


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  • I need Cough Medicine

    Hi, my name is Ivan. I'm just wondering what off the counter cough medications I can take. I know there are some I can't take and I don't remember which ones they are. I know there is a Robitussin I can take but I can't remember which specific Robitussin it is. I take Bisoprolol Fumurate for my heart and Zoloft and Wellbutrin for anxiety. If anyone could send some input this way, I would very eppreciative. Thank you.

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    Re: I need Cough Medicine

    Check with your Dr. to be 100% sure but I was always able to take plain Robitussin or Robitussin DM. Good luck.

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      Re: I need Cough Medicine

      your pharmacist should be able to tell you but the terms to avoid are anything with epinephrine, ephedrine, or "non-drowsy" formulas. they are stimulants that can cause palpitations and tachycardia.

      also, i've found that steam is the best cough medicine. crank up your shower all the way, stuff a towel under the door and sit on the sink (steam rises) for as long as you have hot water and also drink a lot of hot decaf/caffiene free tea.

      saunas and steam rooms are too hot for HCMers. You can also use a vaporiser from the drug store. (not a humidifier or "cool mist").



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        Re: I need Cough Medicine


        I take Robitussin Sugar Free Cough medicine. It is specially formulated for diabetics; but, controls coughs and loosens and relieves chest congestion.

        It is sugar-free, fructose-free, sorbitol-free, dye-free, carbohydrate-free and alcohol-free.
        The active ingredients are Dextromethorphan HBr, USP 10 mg. for cough suppressant and Guaifensin, USP 100 mg. for expectorant. Inactive ingredients are acesulfame potassium, citric acid, flavors, glycerin, methylparaben, polyethylene glycol, povidone, propylene gylcol, saccharin sodium, sodium bensozte and water.

        I haven't had to use it lately, as it's been three years since I've had a cold!

        I have used a generic diabetic cough syrup before that. They both worked wonders on me. Hope this helps,

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          Re: I need Cough Medicine

          I will mimick Sarah's post. You have to stay away from any ingredients that will cause your heart rate and blood pressure to increase. No epinephrine, sudaphedrine, or decongestants. For other cold symptoms the general rule is:
          The over the counter brands should have an "HBP" after the name. These are made specifically for people with high blood pressure. But, always look at your ingredients.

          Hope ya feel better!
          God Bless!
          tommysgirl wishes you a blessed day with many laughs and smiles along the way!

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            Re: I need Cough Medicine

            one should always ask their health care providers for this information. but the suggestion s given peviously are all good. roitussin is the only otc my dr. approves of. alos take a tablet to your drs. appts and right thing to ask and the answers in your tablet. this helps later because some of the information from your dr. can be hurried and a lot of the time we are overwhelmed with the visit and the outcomes.

            Billy Berry
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