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Stress test and MRI results


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  • Stress test and MRI results

    Hey, I am a 47 year old male . I am constantly out of breath, and have bouts of extreme fatigue at least one day a week and sometimes it last for a week or two. I have constant mild chest pain and bouts of sharp back behind heart area. I have normally blood blood pressure and my resting heart rate is anywhere from 70 to 110.
    nuclear stress test results are:
    1.fixed basal inferior wall and inferolateral wall defect with no wall motion abnormalities.
    2.Moderate LV enlargement with mild LV systolic dysfunction
    3.EF 52%
    4 nsr low voltage qrs, incomplete BBB

    Two weeks later echo results summary
    1.mildly dilated LV
    2.mild global hypokinesis with mildly decreased LV systolic function.
    3. EF 50%
    4.concentric LV hypertrophy
    5.Trace mitral regurgitation
    6.mild tricuspid regurgitation with RSVP of 38
    7. Impaired LV relaxation.

    One week after that, a different cardiologist did a heart cath and found no blockage and EF of 60 and he told me I didn't have a heart problem. This Dr never saw the stress test or the echo test only the reports. The stress test and echo was interpreted by a different cardiologist from a different hospitality than the one I had the cath at, also the cardiologist that interpreted the test also specializers in nuclear medicine. So I'm confused. With this information should I follow up with a different cardiologist are am I OK. Two of the three test showed abnormal. Could this be cardiomyopathy?

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    Were any of these tests conducted at a HCMA Recognized Center of Excellence? If not, you can probably start there and have an HCM knowledgeable doctor take you under their care. www.4hcm.org/coe, search by state


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      Hey Donna, thanks for the response. No they wasn't conducted at HCMA center as there isn't any located near where I live in Mississippi. That was kind of my question, if someone with hcm knowledge could look at the test results I posted and kind of guide me as to what I should do. I really don't want to keep chasing a ghost and spending $$ if someone else knowledgeable looks at these test results and doesn't see any red flags just as my local Dr did , on the other hand if someone does see something in the results that I should really be concerned about then I would definitely go to the nearest HCMA center ; which I think is in Atlanta.


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        Your best bet would be to call the office then and schedule a chat with Lisa and submit your tests to us (because we need more numbers than what your provided above) and she can help guide you. There is a 15 complimentary session or a more in depth 45 session for paid members. Best bet would be to call between 10-2 Eastern, Mon- Thurs


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