Hi, I'm new here and have recently had my first ever ECG printout.

Of course, I have to see the doctor to discuss the tests, but it would be good to know in advance if there's likely to be a lasting problem.

Apart from that I am just plain nosy, and medics don't have time to answer all my questions!

I am hypothyroid and symptoms of possible heart involvement ("Air hunger" and slightly swollen ankles) only became very noticeable a few weeks ago, about 31/2 months after a decrease in thyroxine.

The results on the top of the ECG say:

Vent. rate 79bpm
PR interval 162ms
QRS duration 94ms
Qt/QTc 384/440 ms
P-R-T axes 55 60 67

I assume the little horizontal lines, above the beginning of each line of the tracing, (I, II, III) mark the best or average amplitude of the spikes. On my printout, some sections have very small or negative spikes, others are just up to the line, or slightly over. (I understand that negative is normal depending on where electrodes are placed in relation to the electrical wave). The smallest spikes are between aVL and V2 in section II.

Hope someone can explain!

Thank you