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Bed Wetting: Help Needed


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mmm14 My youngest son was diagnosed with HCM in 2007, one month away from his first birthday. He was obstructed and had his first surgery, a septal myectomy with AICD placement in 2012. He had a second surgery in 2014 to replace a broken AICD lead. He has taken and responded well to atenolol since he was about 5 years old. After genetic testing we found out that my ex-husband is the carrier and our oldest son doesn't have the gene. We see the doctor every 6 months for a check up and right now everything is going well. Find out more about mmm14
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  • Bed Wetting: Help Needed

    My youngest son turned 12 in April and is still wetting the bed nightly. Bed wetting runs on my side of the family, so I never really worried too much about it. My dad wet the bed, I wet the bed until I was about 10 or 11 (it just stopped one day), and my older son wet the bed until he was 11 (same as me, it just stopped). I have tried everything with my youngest besides prescription medicine to help him stop. We have tried alarms and he just sleeps through them, but they will wake everyone else in the house up! I have even tried to set my alarm and I go upstairs to wake him up to use the restroom...waking him is like waking the dead!! He is hard to wake, I basically have to guide him to the restroom, and most mornings he doesn't remember me even waking him up. We have also cut back on liquids several hours before bed and saw no improvement.

    He was diagnosed with HCM right before his first birthday and he's had 2 surgeries, a septal myectomy/AICD implant in 2012 and another in 2014 to replace a broken AICD lead. He is completely healthy other than the HCM and he is feeling great. He takes 75mg of Atenolol in the morning and 50mg at night. I don't feel like fatigue is part of the problem, because he seems to feel great during the day. He is so sweet, pleasant to be around and never grouchy or moody. I believe he's just a heavy sleeper. Does anyone have any advice? I know the bed wetting bothers him, but he's been really positive about it. However, it's beginning to bother him more and I'm becoming concerned that nothing we have tried has helped, he's not showing any signs of stopping and he's so difficult to wake in the middle of the night. We are going to his yearly check up soon and I'd like to discuss this with his doctor. I'd like to know if Imapramine or any of the other approved prescriptions for bed wetting are even an option and if so, have they helped anyone else?

    If this needs to be moved to a different topic area, I apologize and please feel free to move it.

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