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ER visit


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Mellie137 Diagnosed 2009. Left asymmetric septal myopathy. No surgery, no device. COE University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Find out more about Mellie137
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  • ER visit

    I've been losing my balance often, but am not dizzy or lightheaded. My husband witnessed me stumbling several times and took me to ER. ER decided not a stroke but admitted me to check out brain and other functions. I was "Romberg positive," which indicates loss of proprioception--I wobble if standing with feet together with eyes closed. After three days, and several tests, and very little sleep, I was released with information about stroke risk, hypertension, and high cholesterol. I was not permitted to take my metoprolol, but I took one dose before they told me to stop. They gave me aspirin and Lipitor while in the hospital, and told me to half my metoprolol doseage. (I'm not doing that unless my HCM cardio agrees!) Hospital Dr. thought perhaps metoprolol lowered my pressure too much. My heart monitor was "asymptomatic," but I could feel my usual arrhythmia. They never gave me my results of any tests other than to tell me they didn't find anything serious. Historically, my total cholesterol is high because my HDLis very high. I came home, slept 12 hours, and still feel "off." Not dizzy, just lethargic. The loss of balance is not resolved, but at least I know it's nothing serious. Thoughts? Pharmacist surmised the most likely culprit is metoprolol (100 mg ER) or allergy meds.

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    Hi Mellie,
    I don't have any definitive answers for you. If it were me I would ask for all the test results, especially the ones that ruled out any neurological problems for your own peace of mind and for any other doctors you might talk to about the problem. Low blood pressure caused by a medication or arrhythmia could cause the symptoms of low blood supply to the brain....thus light headedness, fainting etc. For a medication to affect specifically proprioception ..... could be a side effect that is not connected to low blood pressure. You might try looking back at when this began and if there were any changes at that time.
    Also a review of all meds you are taking with a clinical pharmacist and your HCM specialist or PCP. My son was on a drug for seizures that caused him to lose his balance...Since you have been on metoprolol for a while, if it were me I would look more toward changing the allergy meds.....but have your PCP/ MD/Pharmacist help you sort through it. Inner ear problems anti- histamines, anti depression and anti-anxiety meds and more can cause balance issues.
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      Thank you for your input. I hadn't thought about the time in metoprolol vs. allergy meds. I hate to change heart meds. It was a challenge getting it right in the first place. In other news, I ended up with the flu from the hospital stay--second flu this season. . Came home with sore throat, then was in bed for a couple of days. Next time, I'll decline to be admitted and follow up with my own docs. Have appt at COE soon. Had echo yesterday. I read about generic toprol problems, but can't find details. I know I get generic, so probably different manufacturer with each 90 day rx. Any generic side effect experiences? I hadn't thought about it until yesterday