Important announcement:
The HCMA began this messageboard nearly 20 years ago. It has been a source of support, information and many friendships (ok a few disagreements too), but times change and so must we. In the coming weeks this site will no longer accept new post. We will maintain the archives so we have the data for you to search. We encourage all users to migrate over to Facebook and on the main page you will find the "private groups" you can join the private groups and your comments will not appear on your regular Facebook feed. We also maintain an instagram account at @4hcmwarriors and a twitter account @4hcm.

You can call the HCMA office at 973-983-7429 for information and support. You can visit the HCMA website at - The HCMA will still be here to support all those with HCM spectrum disorders - it is only this platform of communication that is going away.

It has been an amazing ride with this platform and we thank all of those who have helped to moderate, shared, read and contributed to an amazing source of data, advocacy and support for those with HCM.
We will give one final warning before the site has been officially ended from gathering new posts.
Thank you all for an amazing journey,
Lisa Salberg