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considering a change in clinics


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  • considering a change in clinics

    I have been a patient of Dr. Martin Maron in Boston for many years now. While I think Dr. Maron as a fantastic doctor I am considering the possibility of a change for a number of different reasons. I see now there are many more HCM centers listed on this website than I have seen in the past within a few hours drive of New Jersey. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these centers they would like to pass along with the exception of St. Lukes in NY. I had a bad experience there early on in my diagnosis and I would not go back.


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    Re: considering a change in clinics

    I believe Dr. Theodore Abraham is an excellent cardiologist specializing in HCM. He is at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He and his team are caring, competent and knowledgeable.


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      Re: considering a change in clinics

      Here is a list of COE's : https://www.4hcm.org/wp/hcma-resources/hcm-centers/
      and there is a new resource in NJ:

      Good Luck!
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        Re: considering a change in clinics

        Scott -- you do not say where you live but I am in Manhattan and understand about SLR completely. I use a cardiologist in Mineola, LI who specializes in HCM, would not trade him for anyone. If you would like his name and phone number PM me and I will be happy to give it to you.


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          Re: considering a change in clinics

          I second Jubilee...Dr. Theodore Abraham and the entire HCM Team at Johns Hopkins are excellent. I highly recommend them. Here's their site: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/heart...opathy_clinic/
          Diagnosed with HCM in 1992
          Myectomy at Johns Hopkins in April 2013


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            Re: considering a change in clinics

            You don't say where in New Jersey you live, However,I believe that besides being in Boston, Dr. Marty Maron is associated now with the new HCM clinic that has opened in Morristown,New Jersey near HCMA headquarters. I believe he travels there a certain number of days per month and is working with other talented cardiologists at Morristown. You might call the HCMA office and talk to Lisa as she was part of the push to open this HCM clinic.
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              Re: considering a change in clinics

              Johns Hopkins HCM clinic is run by Dr. Theodore Abraham and is a 1st class run operation. The most important part of being a center of excellence is the experience of the Dr. with diagnostic imaging experience. Dr. Abraham happens to be excellent at this. Trust 4hcma.org and Lisa and go to which is closes to your home.

              Feel free to contact me through private message if you want more information. I'm willing to talk on the phone if you have many questions.

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                Re: considering a change in clinics

                Thanks for the responses. You confirmed what I was leaning toward with Dr. Abraham. I didn't know however that Dr. Maron is now seeing patients in Morristown a couple days per month. I am going to see if I can get an appointment with him there. Thanks again.


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                  Re: considering a change in clinics

                  Dr. Maron is seeing patients at Morristown. I was in Boston to see him two months ago and asked him about Morristown. He has complete trust in the staff and their testing abilities. He will be traveling to NJ monthly. I plan on my next checkup being at Morristown with Dr. Maron. I live 30 minutes from Morristown so this will be nice not having to pay all the travel expenses.
                  I would like to also meet some of his colleagues in case I have an emergency and Dr. Maron is unavailable.
                  Dx with HCM November 2009
                  Myectomy and Mitral Valve Repair @Tuft's March 2010


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                    Re: considering a change in clinics

                    I would add my voice to others and say that you will get good quality care at Hopkins if you choose to go there. I don't know how far of a commute it would be for you, but Baltimore is accessible by Amtrak along that I-95 corridor. Also, Cleveland Clinic is not that far from the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast.
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