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Rest in Peace Rob Thomas


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  • Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

    This is to let all of you know that Rob passed away earlier this afternoon. Apparently, he had slipped into a coma on Friday, and just couldn’t hang on anymore. I just returned from U.C.L.A. Medical Center where I stopped by to offer my support to Haley and family. All of them were there in the family room outside the ICU and they gave me the news when I arrived.

    While this is obviously not the news that anyone wanted to hear, at least Rob will not suffer anymore. He endured more in the last year than anyone could imagine. Always with a smile on his face, a clever pun or joke, and words of encouragement for the other guy. He will always be my hero and I consider it a privilege to have known him.

    Haley will be posting on the blog later, and when she does, I will be sure to reproduce it here. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and wishes. Keep sending all of that energy to Haley, Connor and Shea as they go through the grieving process and move forward with their lives.


    Daughter of Father with HCM
    Diagnosed with HCM 1999.
    Full term pregnancy - Son born 11/01
    ICD implanted 2/03; generator replaced 2/2005 and 2/2012
    Myectomy 8/11/06 - Joe Dearani - Mayo Clinic.

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    Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

    May his memory be eternal, may Haley and the kids find courage and strength from the support of those around them and the HCM community!

    Rest in peace Rob.


    God Squad co-moderator
    Nothing is as gentle as strength and nothing is as strong as gentleness


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      Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

      Goodbye, dear friend.


      Husband has HCM.
      3 kids - ages 23, 21, & 19. All presently clear of HCM.


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        Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

        Rob, rest in peace. We'll miss you.
        Our thoughts and prayers are with Haley & the family.

        Stuart & Barbara
        Cleveland Myectomy Club
        August 31, 2004


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          Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

          They have been through more than anyone should have to endure. May they all find some peace now.
          Linda G
          Son died of cardiac shock second to HCM at age 36.
          Live Well...Laugh Often...Love Much


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            Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

            "I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength. I stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with each other.

            Then someone at my side says: 'There, she is gone!'

            'Gone where?'

            Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side and she is just as able to bear her load of living freight to her destined port.

            Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just at the moment when someone at my side says: 'There she is gone!' there are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout: 'Here she comes!'

            And that is dying."

            by Henry Van Dyke

            Farewell my strong Tinman friend.
            Philippians 4:4-9; Wife, & 39 yo Mom to 9 year old son and 6 year old son/daughter twins; Diagnosed with HoCM 1999; Cleveland Clinic Myectomy and ICD, January 2006.


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              Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

              This is such sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with Rob's family, especially Haley and the children.

              Rest in peace now Rob - you are free from any more pain or suffering.

              Thank you Cynthia for forwarding Haley's blog entries to us all. She has been so brave through all this and needs our prayers and support now more than ever.

              God Bless,

              Auckland, NZ


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                Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

                Rest in peace our dear friend. He has been an inspiration to many of us and will continue within our hearts forever.

                Until we meet again

                Our prayers and continued support to Haley and children. May you find strength from those of us that care. Please know that Rob is in a beautiful place surrounding him with love and comfort.

                God Bless


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                  Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

                  Death is so difficult to deal with, even when our loved one is suffering. Each day, I think and pray for Rob's suffering to end and that he be able to enjoy life again. With his passing I hope his family can find peace and healing.

                  When I look into my young son's eyes, I think how fortunate he is to not know the road ahead. Like it was yesterday, I remember the day we were told he may some day need a transplant. I also remember them saying that heart transplants in young people (like Rob), may not give them the full life they deserve.

                  Rest in peace Rob, and know that your family will always be watched over and cared about.


                  5 1/2 year old Tyler w/ HCM dx. on 12/8/05 died suddenly in his sleep on 12/2/08.
                  7 1/2 year old Katie w/ HCM dx. on 12/18/08, rec'd AICD, replaced on 2/19/09 w/ new lead.


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                    Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

                    Indeed sad news after Rob's ordeal(s) with HCM, transplant and then the unexpected setbacks after what he, Haley and their children hoped would turn their lives for the better. I'm sorry it didn't turn out that way...
                    \"Hope is disappointment postponed\"

                    Dx in 2004, first symptoms 20 years ago? Obstructed, A-fib, family history!

                    Combined Morrow and (left atrial) Maze procedures & PVI at St. Antonius Hospital, Netherlands, March 28, 2013.

                    Meds (past) propranolol, metoprolol, disopyramide, sotalol, amiodaron, aspirin, dabigatran, acenocoumarol.

                    Meds (current) sotalol, dabigatran, furosemide.


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                      Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

                      Dear Rob aka nocrash our heart are broken because yours was not healed.

                      Rob you gave us all so many laughs, smiles and wonder moments shared here on the web. You fought so hard for those whom you loved and for those who loved you as a dear friend far away. You are now with us all forever and your memory will not fade from those of us blessed to know you and have been wittness to your strength, courage and humor.

                      How we all wish this story had a different ending one with a return home from the hosptial and pictures of you and your kids all grown up. But that was not the plan, for what ever the reason, it was just not the plan. Rob I will promise you this - we will continue to work hard so that your childrens furture is better, the care improved for the next generation and that your grandchildren someday may read about HCM in the history books as one more disease patients took a part in ending thanks to partnerships with scientists.

                      For now friend I say good bye knowing that you will remain a guiding spirit to those looking for friendship, support and a helping hand out here on the internet.

                      Your strength has been remarkable and you are a very special woman. Rest in knowing that you did all that could be done (if not more then some suspect possible). You were a wonderful advocate for Rob and we all know how much he loved you and the kids. You always have friends here at the HCMA, I hope you know that.

                      Rest in peace Rob you will be missed,
                      Knowledge is power ... Stay informed!
                      YOU can make a difference - all you have to do is try!

                      Dx age 12 current age 46 and counting!
                      lost: 5 family members to HCM (SCD, Stroke, CHF)
                      Others diagnosed living with HCM (or gene +) include - daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, sister and many many friends!
                      Therapy - ICD (implanted 97, 01, 04 and 11, medication
                      Currently not obstructed
                      Complications - unnecessary pacemaker and stroke (unrelated to each other)


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                        Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

                        Sunday, February 11, 2007

                        No Regrets

                        Rob Thomas died this afternoon at 4:15.

                        Overnight his blood pressure crashed, probably due to a massive infection. They had to stop dialysis, which overloaded his heart and lungs with fluid, which made it hard to expel CO2, which lowered his body's pH level, which prevented him from absorbing his IV meds, which drew him into a downward spiral from which he couldn't escape.

                        By late morning I knew that any hope of Rob making it to, or indeed surviving, a heart and kidney transplant had evaporated. With all hope gone, I knew Rob wanted me to turn off the machines. We had talked about this scenario many times. It was really his gift to me - he had made his wishes perfectly clear. I did not have to guess. I had no doubt what he wanted.

                        While I was making plans to return to San Pedro to bring Connor and Shea back to the hospital one last time, Rob's neurological status suddenly deteriorated. The attending cardiologist surmised Rob was bleeding into his brain. In the end, after all those times I told my unconscious husband "I know you're in there Sweetie", I realized he wasn't in there anymore.

                        Later, with Connor, Shea, Mimi, Kim, Jim and Mary in the room, and with me holding his hand, Dr. Kelly and nurse Lacey turned off his BIVAD and ventilator.

                        His organs, having gone through ****, were deemed not suitable for donation. His tissues, however, will be donated to the greatest extent possible. I feel proud his corneas will improve the lives of two people and that perhaps his skin will be used to help a burn victim. I've also consented to an autopsy, through which Dr. Plunkett hopes to learn more about why Rob's transplant failed. Rob would be gratified that they are learning from him to help future transplantees.

                        As I write this I feel mostly relief that no one's going to mess with him anymore. No more surgeries, or poking or prodding. No more painful physical therapy or exhausting dialysis. It's all over baby, take a rest.

                        Connor wants you all to know that he and Shea are holding up all right too. We've decided that we're still a family and we will be okay. It's my privilege to be the mother of two such fine people.

                        Right now I'm figuring out what to do next. I'll post details of Rob's funeral on this blog in the coming days.

                        In closing I want to thank you all for standing with Rob throughout this ordeal. I lost a Husband and Connor and Shea a Father, but you have lost a Friend. We'll all get through this together.
                        Daughter of Father with HCM
                        Diagnosed with HCM 1999.
                        Full term pregnancy - Son born 11/01
                        ICD implanted 2/03; generator replaced 2/2005 and 2/2012
                        Myectomy 8/11/06 - Joe Dearani - Mayo Clinic.


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                          Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

                          I am so deeply saddened to read that our dear, wonderful, friend ROB has left this world. I thank him from the deepest parts of my heart for all his help and support to us all.. There was only one Tin Man.

                          My heart felt sympathy to Rob's family and friends and to everyone here at the HCMA.

                          Rest in peace dear friend.

                          Dx @ 47 with HOCM & HF:11/00
                          Guidant ICD:Mar.01, Recalled/replaced:6/05 w/ Medtronic device
                          Lead failure,replaced 12/06.
                          SF lead recall:07,extracted leads and new device 2012
                          [email protected] Tufts, Boston:10/5/03; age 50. ( [email protected] 240 mmHg ++)
                          Paroxysmal A-Fib: 06-07,2010 controlled w/sotalol dosing
                          Genetic mutation 4/09, mother(d), brother, son, gene+
                          Mother of 3, grandma of 3:Tim,27,Sarah,33w/6 y/o old Sophia, 5 y/o Jack, Laura 34, w/ 5 y/o old Benjamin


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                            Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

                            We have lost a great friend, and heaven has gained a great angel!!. Peace be with you Rob.

                            Diagnosed in 1977, Myectomy in 1981 @ Mayo Rochester
                            ICD&Pacemaker 1996
                            Heart transplant March 19, 2004 @ Mayo Rochester
                            Mom of Kaye.


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                              Re: Rest in Peace Rob Thomas

                              What a journey. I learned so much from you Rob, and you Haley. I wish in my health struggles, to attain a fraction of the spirit and determination your husband, Rob, showed and the fortitude and courage you demonstrated Haley. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journey with me, and all of us. It was a gift to many people. One I shall never forget.

                              NEMC's (Boston) First Myectomy 7-22-2003