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A False Alarm


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  • A False Alarm

    Hi everyone. I was out with my best friend last night at a restaurant hadn't even ordered yet and I noticed on my cellphone I had just missed a call. I didn't check the voice mail but called My dad back and he said that the hospital called and I needed to go to the hospital asap because I was the backup person for a new heart. I can't express the fear yet excitement that went through me. I had to drop my friend off at home which was a while away and then leave my car where I met my dad at a shopping plaza. Off we raced to Boston we got there about 8pm and then they took me in and I knew or was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen because the doctor who had called said not to do any bloodwork on me. But let alone I waited from then and then they finally let me go home about quarter of 1 in the morning and my dad and I got home at 2. I am glad the other person got the heart because In a way I was not prepared for this. I know what a gift this will be when I do get it. My dad said not to worry this false alarm was a test for me. Thanks for listening. God bless you all
    Kimberly K. Plaster

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    I'm glad your test run went smoothly. I'm glad you can think positively about the whole thing and be happy for the person who did receive the heart. It's a difficult wait, so much to think about. You know we're all in your corner, pulling for you. Now we also know you have your ducks in a row, you're prepared and will be able to be there and ready when the time comes.

    The mother of a 15 yr old told me several years ago just how grateful she was to have had that same type trial run. She felt it helped her to prepare better emotionally for the real one which came within a few wks after. I wish the same for you, Linda


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      Well Kimberly,
      That new ticker obviously was not for you, but your dad was absolutely right – this time it was a test of your readiness and arrangements. Now the next time it will either be for you, our yet another test run, so plan a bit better.

      • Set your cell phone to ring at the loudest volume.
      • Tell your dad if he is calling to pass on a hospital call and doesn’t get you right away, to leave a message and keep calling you every five minutes until you answer. (Might be a little tough on him, but you may be first up next time.)
      • Check your cell phone often for messages and that it is on and working properly.
      • Prepare both physically and mentally for the big event. (This obviously does not mean running laps, but toning up your muscles and thought processes sure wouldn’t hurt.)
      • And last, but by no means least, do good things for family, friends and people in general. What goes around comes around, and you want the best possible karma working for you now.

      Of course you know we are all out here pulling for you and wishing the best of all possible outcomes for you – and there just may be some talking with the Man Upstairs on your behalf from friends you have never even met – yet.

      One more hurdle behind you, while we’re here on the sidelines cheering you on.


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        Thanks everyone for all the thoughts. Well my dad went to one of his doctors the other day and they told him the heart didn't go to anyone. They opened the person up who had passed away and they had a heart defect so the other person couldn't get the heart either.
        Kimberly K. Plaster


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          false alarm

          Yes, a trial run is an ok thing. We had that happen to us also. We got the call late at night in December and raced to the hospital. That heart went to another man that was passed up several times due to antigen issues. It wasn't meant to be. We left the hospital exhausted, but so happy for this lucky individual.

          The false alarm was a good thing for us because we didn't have a plan in place. It's kind of a wake up call. That was our only false alarm. The next call came in early February and my husband got his chance at a wonderful life and so will you.

          Good luck to you kimberly.