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Re-enervation of the Heart After Transplant


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  • Re-enervation of the Heart After Transplant

    This morning my son had a routine biopsy as a follow-up to a heart transplant that occurred 18 months ago.

    The doctors told him today that the nerves to his heart grew back.

    I assume this is a good thing, I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, and if anyone knows what it may mean.

    Over all he has had a very good post-transplant experience. He runs on 5K and 10K races, and seems to be thriving. No rejection issues to date, but we don't have the latest biopsy results yet.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Re-enervation of the Heart After Transplant

    I know absolutely nothing about transplants but it seems your son is doing great -- so happy for him.


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      Re: Re-enervation of the Heart After Transplant

      I'm sure that someone who has had a transplant can answer your question. But I agree with Marian. So glad to hear how wonderful things are for your son!!
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        Re: Re-enervation of the Heart After Transplant

        Thanks very much!

        I checked on-line, evidently it happens in quite a few tarnsplant patients, and is more common in those who are young. He's only 26, so it makes sense. The literature claims it helps with physical exercise, so that explains his running, etc..


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          Re: Re-enervation of the Heart After Transplant

          When i had my heart transplant i was told they can not reconnect the nerves, and because of that when we exercise we are meant to make sure we warm up as the heart has a delayed reacton, so yeah i would say its a good thig .
          thats really interesting that they can grow back i never knew that
          glad to see hes doing great

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            Re: Re-enervation of the Heart After Transplant

            Wow. I was told IF they grew back it would be years. I am happy for him it will make his running better.

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              Re: Re-enervation of the Heart After Transplant

              My dad has resaerched this way more than I have, but here's what I know. When they transplant us they have to cut the nerves to the heart. When they do this the heart goes to its "intrinsic rhythm" which is often much higher than a normal person's. My resting heart rate is about 110 now and used to be around 70. Cutting the nerves also causes the heart to not "know" from the brain when it should speed up or slow down. I'm 2.5 years out and I can still feel my heart speed up 10-15 mins after I have been scared or start exercising and stay up hours after I am done. That sensation is incredibly annoying/uncomfortable/weird and I am not really a fan. I would say these "symptoms" have probably improved for me, but are definitely noticeable still. Re-enervation would definitely be a good thing. It means the heart is adapting well to the body and it would definitely make exercise more natural and comfortable. It could, probably, even reduce the resting heart rate which would reduce how hard the heart has to work. I know you have to be incredibly unlucky to end up needing a transplant, but re-enervation could be a lucky break in the process.
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                Re: Re-enervation of the Heart After Transplant

                I was told this could happen. And praise God, it IS a GOOD thing.
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