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dealing with boredom


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kcfrid17 I'm Kate, i was diagnosed with HCM at age 6. Now I'm 17 and having a myectomy this summer. Find out more about kcfrid17
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  • dealing with boredom

    I'm getting a myectomy over the summer, and at age 17 when all your friends are getting jobs and swimming and performin in summer theatre i'm kinda bummed that i'm gonna be stuck out of the sun all summer. I have the idea of making friendship bracelets with little hearts on them but i'm looking for some ideas to entertain myself other than that reading and making silly putty out of flour and salt. any ideas?

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    Re: dealing with boredom

    I caught up on my reading post myectomy. Yo will be tired and take naps so you may not have as much time on your hands as you think you will. Seemed like the time just flew by for me and I didn't get all that reading done. Best of luck.

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      Re: dealing with boredom

      Hi! First of all, I'm sorry to hear that you need a myectomy but am sure that you will find it was worth it! As for keeping yourself occupied during recovery, I agree with Moosedreams that you very well might find you don't have as much time on your hands as you think. I'm not the HCMer in the family, and have only had 2 laproscopic procedures done over the years, but just with those napping took up a pretty good chunk of my days at first. Your body will need the sleep to help you recover so whenever you feel the urge, doze off! But you will have some time to fill after you start feeling better. When my dad had his mitral valve replaced a few years back, my mom set up visits with family and friends each day. She kind of let it be known that he wasn't up for a steady stream of people coming over, but he was least tired at such and such a time, and created an informal "schedule" of visitors. So not everybody came at once, or even right away, and that gave him something to look forward to every day. Also, once you start feeling better, a change of scenery can make a big difference in your day. Instead of your bedroom, hang out on the couch in the den or go outside - sometimes we would set up a comfy lounge chair with pillows and blankets on the back porch for my dad so he just wasn't staring at the same four walls (and my mom!) all day long. I'm not sure what type of restrictions you have as you recover, but I'm sure at some point you can for short car rides (as a passenger of course, not driver) - maybe get some ice cream or pick up lunch? And I'm sure you are already doing this, but having a DVR full of favorite shows and movies is a big help too. Good luck to you!


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        Re: dealing with boredom

        You mentioned making bracelets. Try Peyote bead weaving. It is very fun and easy to learn on your own. It will keep you busy for hours making bracelets or small tapestries. Check out Etsy.com and type in peyote bead weaving and you will see lots of examples of what you can make. If you're laid up in bed or the couch you could place your beads and project on a breakfast tray. Your local craft store (or if you find a bead store) will have the supplies like glass seed beads and the thread and needle.
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          Re: dealing with boredom

          A little out of the box here, but I would recommend "thinking of you" cards for veterans and then giving them on Labor day when you are feeling better. Just another idea. I wish you an easy recovery.
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            Re: dealing with boredom

            As a couple people have mentioned you will probably be sleeping a lot for the first few weeks... I sure did (had myectomy last Sept.) After a few weeks you'll be able to be up and around more, although pretty weak and a little sore. One suggestion might be to make arrangements in advance for some day trips with friends/family... definitely do some things to get out. I signed up for a [free] internet course on computer programming that took up a lot of time. Good luck... you will almost certainly be glad in the end.


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              Unfortunately, no one can cheer you apart from yourself. I know how hard to find an activity that really captivates you and then time passes unnoticed. I advise you to try even those hobbies that you think are stupid. Usually this is what captivates the most.


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