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Myectomy Questions


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  • Myectomy Questions

    Hi everyone,
    I am Connie's husband. She is scheduled for her Myectomy on 7/19 at Mayo. Connie had a real nice talk with Lisa yesterday. We were starting to have doubts about this surgery but between more reading on here and the call I think we are making the right decision. I know a lot of you can also help answer questions. This website is really helpful we have learned a lot from it. We are very thankful for everybodies help and caring. We have a few more questions. 1 We have a two story house so is it hard to go up the stairs after the surgery. I could set up a bed downstairs but the shower is upstairs. 2 What kind of clothes do you wear home: Pull over or button shirts. 3 We live about 5 hours away so how can I make the car ride home as comfortable as possible.
    Thank you

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    I haven't been through a myectomy but I've heard others say a small pillow to rest between her and the seatbelt will make the trip home more comfortable. You'll also be stopping every hour or so because she'll need to walk around some. I would think button up shirts would work best, but I'll let others answer the rest of your questions.


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      She will be fine going up and down the stairs. Just take it easy and she will be fine. Button down shirts would work best for the beginning. I did not feel like wearing anything else anyway.
      On the car ride, yes the pillow will do the job. That and a few breaks to get out and walk around for the stiffness.

      Don't worry to much, all will be fine as she's in the hands of the best!

      Take care,


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        I agree with a button down shirt over a large tee shirt.

        Stairs are not a problem, but the doctor will probably tell once a day.
        For the first couple days, you should spot her on the stairs.
        I found myself doing stairs 2-3 times a day after the 2nd day home.
        Just listen to your body. It will tell you when you have done too much.

        You will be surprised how good she will be doing when you leave the hospital.

        As for the car ride home. Regular very soft bed pillows, about 3 or four in the back seat.
        Riding around town - stop & go driving is so. But you will probably be on highway or main roads going home, so she should be fine.
        You should stop a few times to stretch her legs & walk a little. The Dr will instruct you on this. 5 hours - you will be stopping to eat.

        Pillows and a comfortable chair down stairs is fine. Up to bed at night.
        Shower as usual. If you have a shower stool, that may help. I didn't have one & I was fine. Come to think of it, day 3 in the hospital they had me take a shower and there was no shower chair.

        Nothing special needed. Getting comfortable is hard - it's not the bed or the chair.
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        August 31, 2004


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          Like the others said, stairs should not be a problem. I actually felt so good after my myectomy, that during a visit with my folks I caught myself running up the stairs a few times. Of course once I got to the top I paused and thought... "Oh my, I probably shouldn't have done that!" LOL. The difference before and after myectomy was amazing. I could never have run up a flight of stairs before that.

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            For the first few weeks at home, my sleep pattern was terrible. I was lucky if I would sleep for 2 hours. I would start on my couch propped up with pillows. I would then move to the recliner for awhile. After a short nap there it was on to the regular straight up chair with a bunch of pillows. If I could get 3-4 hrs of sleep in a 10 hour period I was real happy. Sleeping was a real problem for me when I got home.

            I agree with everybody else with the other questions. I had about a 5 hour trip home after my surgery. I was told that I should not ride in the front seat of a car with a passenger air bag. If the car did then I should ride in the back. We stopped every hour for a 10-15 min walk/stretch session. It helped alot.

            Please keep us posted on Connies situation...

            " Real Courage Is Being Scared To Death But Saddling-Up Anyway "


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              John ,

              I always get digs about this ... from the guys, probably cause they are jealous ... Any way , if they do not give Connie a post surgical open in the front bra, which she may well question at the pre-op meeting with the surgical nurse, Connie would do well to have pre-purchased a couple. Not too tight , just snug enough. An extra little soft cloth tucked in at the lower end front, also helps so it does not rub against the suture line and gives a little cushion. It was of value beyond dollar amount to me post surgery and for some time after. The button front shirt , very good plan. She should ride in the back seat for added protection from the air bag, should god forbid the worst happen. Seat belt on at all times as well , little pillow under the shoulder strap too.

              I hope this helps.

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                I used folded up beach towels instead of pillows. They worked good for me...

                " Real Courage Is Being Scared To Death But Saddling-Up Anyway "


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                  I am two weeks post myectomy and would agree with the previous posts. I had no problem getting up the stairs although I wasn't speed racer or anything. Trying to sleep was a big drag though. It was so hard to get comfortable. I could sleep in the bed but had to sleep kind of propped up. slowly but surely that got better and now I am sleeping pretty close to normal. As far as clothing I would suggest anything that is comfortable and easy to get on and off. I just wore sweats and a tshirt and was very comfortable on the plane back home. Any other questions feel free to ask!

                  Best wishes,

                  41 years old. Diagnosed with HOCM in Feb 2005. Myectomy at Mayo on June 8, 2005


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