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If you had a choice...myectomy or ablation?


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    Please update us when you have some information to share!


    Husband has HCM.
    3 kids - ages 23, 21, & 19. All presently clear of HCM.


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      If it is presented that you do have a decision-it's tough to make! I went to Mayo with the idea I was haing a Myectomy, Dr Nishimura presented both otions, in great detail. Obviously the SAblation was more appealing (lees invasive, short recovery etc) how ever, it was explained that the Myectomy is the proceedure of choice-giving more long term positive results. I did choose to have the Myectomy & the staff @ Mayo congradulated me on my "good choice". I am glad I did it. If I were to have an Ablation, I would ONLY go to the 3 top Centers, not a local Hosp!
      Good Luck with whatever you do


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        Hey Ronnie would your last sentence also read if i was to have a myectomy i would only go to the 3 top centres?. Things are complicated and even more so when you are in a different country that does not have a large centre. Just for a little background when i asked about myectomy and ablation choices from probably Australias leading HCM expert the answer came back Ablation. The reason he gave wasn't that he thought myectomy wasn't as good if not better. He basically said that the hospital he worked in was excellent at ablation and did a lot of them whilst they didn't have the expertise for myectomy.

        Paul Rogers had a myectomy though in Australia and is very happy with the results now? Maybe contact him for more information. I guess what i'm saying is we all have to be careful suggesting one procedure over another when not everybody has access to the worlds best centres. With only a few myectomies being performed per year in Australia the grey area becomes much larger.
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          I wish i could have had mine done at one of the centers but my insurance company wouldn't pay for it so i asked alot of questions and it helped that Dr. Gilligan reccomended him and according to Dr. Maron he did a fantastic job, my myectomy was a year and a half ago and i'm still kicking

          And believe me i was scared but it was really for no reason, I just put my self in the good Lords hands

          Diagnosed 2003
          Myectomy 2-23-2004
          Husband: Ken
          Son: John diagnosed 2004
          Daughter: Janet (free of HCM)

          Grandchildren: Drew 15,Aaron 13,Karen 9,Connor 9


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            We went the ablation route for Alan and it has been about three years and Alan has, in the last 6 months, started to have pain as bad as or worse than before the ablation. He had a stress echo in June and his gradient at rest was 0, but under stress was over 100. He had this done at a hospital away from his pcp or Doctor Maron, so we are now working on getting the results to them.

            Now that I know alot more about both proceedures, I'm really wishing we were on the web-site and had the knowledge to make the choice, rather than just be told that he would have an ablation.

            Live and learn.



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