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surgery today cleveland


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    Re: surgery today cleveland

    You're up and around...that's GREAT!
    The worse is behind you. Please don't overdue it, but walk as you feel comfortable. You will feel like walking more as days pass. Your body is mending so don't hesitate to ask for pain medication or sleeping pills.
    Please keep us informed.

    Barbara....good work on keeping us informed. Stuart has a lot of people pulling for him. Your contacts with us eased our minds. Now you can give a sigh of relief and get some much needed sleep.


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      Re: surgery today cleveland

      Hi Stuart & Barbara!
      Glad to hear my neighbors in Maple Glen are doing so well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. Hope your progress continues to go well.
      Have a safe and uneventful trip home,


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        Re: surgery today cleveland

        Hi, Barbara in for Stuart . Still doing well he is walking the halls. But still is sucking oxygen. He has bad sinuses , but they are saying it has nothing to do with that. Anybody else come across that? If all goes well he will be released tomorrow, Sunday.
        Cleveland Myectomy Club
        August 31, 2004


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          Re: surgery today cleveland


          I had a problem it did get better, but i'm still on it but i have other problems also that warrants the oxygen


          P.S I hope Stuart continues to do well and can go home tomorrow
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            Re: surgery today cleveland


            It's so good to hear that Stuart may be released tomorrow! It's hard to believe that five days have almost passed already... although i'm sure it couldn't come soon enough for Stuart.

            As far as the oxygen goes, everyone's lungs bounce back a bit differently after surgery. Some get off of the 02 pretty quickly, and others need to stay on it for a short while. I don't think it's anything to be overly concerned about Barbara... they wouldn't be thinking of releasing him tomorrow if they thought it was a big deal.

            Is Stuart using the inspirometer they gave him? I think that's the name for it anyway... the little air-blowie-thingy? The nurses told me that the more i used it, the faster i would get off of the supplemental oxygen, and they were absolutely right. I was blowing into that thing practically every waking moment, and i mean like every 15 or 20 minutes while i was awake. It really did help me to get off of the 02 very quickly... and this is coming from an ex-smoker of twenty years.

            A word about prescriptions: You'll want to get these filled before you leave Cleveland tomorrow since your pharmacy back home may not fill out-of-state scripts. I was released on a sunday as well, and by the time i got my crap together and got out of there all the pharmacies were closed. There's one right across the street from the heart center (go out the main front doors and through the little park... it's across the street facing the clinic). There's also a Rite-Aid pharmacy within walking distance at 1965 East 93rd. It's just one more block from the heart center, back by the Cleveland Clinic Guesthouse.

            They'll give you Stuart's prescriptions when they meet with you and discuss his discharge orders. As soon as you get them, let Stuart rest up a bit before your trip and go get them filled. Take all the time you need to get ready for the trip home. Trust me, they won't call security and have you physically removed if you take a few extra hours to get prepared. If by chance you find that the pharmacies are all closed (like i did), ask the doctors to give you enough meds to get him through until you can get the prescriptions filled on monday.

            We're all so happy to hear the good news about Stuart! Thanks to both of you for keeping us updated on your progress.

            "Some days you're the dog... some days you're the hydrant."


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              Re: surgery today cleveland

              Thanks Guys, Barbara in for Stuart. Good advice. We are staying in the hotell 'til about Wednesday so no problem with scripts. Stuart feels more comfortable staying especially because it is a holiday Monday.
              Cleveland Myectomy Club
              August 31, 2004


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                Re: surgery today cleveland

                Great progress , keep feeling better everyday.
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