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Recuperation ?'s on a Myectomy


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  • Recuperation ?'s on a Myectomy

    The game plan for treating my HOCM is to try some variations of drug therapy, and should they not work well, Myectomy.
    The initial increase in medication had little effect. Therefore I’m already in stage two. The myectomy is that much closer to being a reality.
    I would like some feedback concerning recuperation.
    This may sound shallow, but I have been planning a vacation for my family in regards to my wife’s 40th birthday. The trip is at the end of April, beginning of May. It’s a combo, Disney World/Disney cruise vacation.
    So I need to be energetic enough to chase two kids through Disney World for 3 days.
    If my health stays status quo (which means lousy) over the next few weeks and different drug combos, the decision for surgery will be towards the end of January. My guess would be that surgery would then be in mid to late February. This gives me all of March and most of April to recover.
    Is that enough?
    I realize that this is an open heart procedure and should not be taken lightly. However, other then my HOCM, I believe I’m in good health. I have no other cardiac issues. I’m 45 years old. I could use to lose 15-20 pounds, but with this condition, how the heck do you do that?
    I would appreciate any information you can send me.

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    Re: Recuperation ?'s on a Myectomy

    I don't know if a myectomy is something you can have, then go chase the kids around Disney World two months later. I haven't had one myself, but i've done a lot of research and have read a lot of posts from people who have had the surgery, and it seems like there are a lot of variables in recovery time. A myectomy isn't always a cure-all anyway is it? Why not schedule the surgery for when you get back from vacation?

    All of my doctors seem to want to exhaust every and all drug treatment possibilities before they even think of surgery. How long have you been treating with meds now?
    "Some days you're the dog... some days you're the hydrant."


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      Re: Recuperation ?'s on a Myectomy


      I'm a little younger then you are (30) but just went through this myself.
      I had surgery Oct 21. Was out of the hospital Oct 25. I lost a lot of blood so recovery at home took a little bit out of me. I had no appetite and had problems regulating my temperature. I lost 20 pounds due to this.
      Today I've been back at work for 3 weeks. Feeling good, yes, got some pains here and there but there is not a lot of things that I cannot do.

      With me it's as long as it does not need a lot of physical power to do something then I can do it. Even though the Dr. or rehab people tell me to take it slower....

      If your operation goes without to many problems and you work hard (KEY WORD HERE!!!) on your recovery I think you should not have problems going on your trip. Couple of days of Disney and then relaxing on a cruise, would be a great way to help your recovery.

      Again I say this only from MY OWN experience as every person is different.

      Good luck with what ever your decision might me. Keep us posted.



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        Re: Recuperation ?'s on a Myectomy

        My husband's post myectomy projection was 3 months after he could be back to work--but he had a fairly sedentary job--could get help with the tough stuff (desktop support)--I'm not sure about how much you can expect to run around a cruise ship that soon after. Disney is a great thing--would love to take my kids--but it isn't worth your health. Talk to your doctor--best of luck--and have fun when you get to go!!


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          Re: Recuperation ?'s on a Myectomy

          I was back to work in three weeks. I'd say a month and a half, you'd be feeling pretty good.