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Myectomey - Done going home


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  • Myectomey - Done going home

    Hi everyone,

    It was done so quickly that all of us were surprized. 3 hours actaul surgery time, 12 hours in ICU 9 under care of a fabilus lady that give the new meaning of Nurse. 2 nights in cardiac ward and I was told pack and go next moorning. Althoghether less than 96 hours (I was told this is a new record .=)). Right now I am using Hotels PC to inform you and tommarow will be back in Omah. For those of you who did not read my few e-mail. I am 58 years, Diagnosis 18 months ago. Had obstruction of 28- 60 mmhg.

    Many thanks to Dr. Schaff and his skillfull and dedicated surgery and revovery team and everybody else that helped me in this process. Many Thanks, to Dr. Tajik, that encouraged me to go under myectomy, although for some my case was border-line

    Thanks to Liza, Sara and everyone else that provide me with information and moral support. You guys are great.

    BTW my first name is Masour, I used my middel son name as nick-name because I always questin people and some time make them offended.

    Time to celebrate, just good food for now.

    best wishes and respects.

    Mansour Zand

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    Re: Myectomey - Done going home

    Wow - congrats, sounds like everything went off like clock work, nice and smooth. I'm happy for you.

    Wow is 28-60 a range from different tests? That's quite a range. I'm about a 5 or 6 which is puny. If 28-60 is borderline, what is the border number considered to be where a person might want to start thinking about such things?

    I didn't understand most of the part about your nick or your name or how asking questions might offend anyone. Boy if that's true I ask a lot of questions too, if that gets you in the dog house, you'll have plenty of company. hehe

    Rest easy and enjoy the good food,

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      Re: Myectomey - Done going home

      Those number were obsturction: 28 -resting and 60 under excertion Mansour[/code][/quote]


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        Re: Myectomey - Done going home

        Sounds like you're doing great! Congrats on such a speedy recovery and being released early. Your docs sound like they're top notch, and that means everything. It's great to hear your good news, and i hope you continue on your path to a complete and full recovery from surgery uneventfully.
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          Re: Myectomey - Done going home

          Mansour--What great news! And that a 58 year old would set a record for quick recovery is pretty heartening. Hope you continue to recover at a fast pace and enjoy your new capacities. Sue


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            Re: Myectomey - Done going home

            Congratulations, I'm sure you will be feeling MUCH better soon. Where did you go to get your myectomy done. 3hrs in surgery is really fast. Best of luck to you, stay in touch and let us know how your recovery is going. Steve.


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              Re: Myectomey - Done going home

              GREAT NEWS!!!!
              I am happy that things went so well - again I can not say how important it is to use centers with expreience in these procedures!

              Let us know how your recovery is moving along!

              Best wishes,
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                Re: Myectomey - Done going home

                congruculations!nice to hear all went perfect.waiting good news from you..