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After Myectomy


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  • After Myectomy

    I was just wondering what happens after you come out of surgery? Do you have a breathing tube, if so for how long? Are you sedated, and if so for how long?

    Thank You,

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    Re: After Myectomy

    Hi Bryan,

    I had my myectomy August 2002 at Cleveland Clinic. This was my experience with what you are asking about. My breathing tube was already removed before I left the operating room. Now, I must tell you that is not necessarily the typical routine. Apparently, I was trying to talk already so they removed it. Many folks that I know of have awoken to it in CICU and I hope they will chime in to tell you how long it was before it was removed.

    As for sedation, because you've been 'under' so deeply during heart surgery it takes a while to come out. The first stages of awakening you won't remember (I don't remember trying to talk in CICU...heaven help me with what I was telling those folks - ). I slept most of the day without realizing it as I came out of the anesthetic. Truly several hours pass like minutes. However, as my family came to visit each time I DO remember talking to them and seeing them. I didn't maybe recall every word spoken but by 10/11pm that night I was basically awake. As for additional sedation you really shouldn't receive any but with pain medication you will fall back asleep. The goal post surgery is to have you awaken, not keep you under, but to do so without pain.

    Does this help at all? Let me know if you have other questions.
    Lynn Stewart
    HOCM 4/2002
    Cleveland Myectomy Crew 8/2002


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      Re: After Myectomy


      I had a myectomy in 1999. I remember going into surgery around 7:30am and then looking at the clock in the CICU at about 3:00pm that afternoon. I still had the breathing and stomach tubes in and was pretty uncomfortable for a small amount of time. I remember my family came in and that helped me to relax some. The next thing I remember is them removing the stomach tube and I remember the time to be about 5pm. I was so sedated that the whole memory is pretty foggy, the meds they gave me seemed to keep me coming in and out of it.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help out anymore.



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        Re: After Myectomy

        Hi, Bryan,
        I had my myectomy at the Cleveland Clinic this past July 23, 2003. One of my biggest fears was about the breathing tube. My experience was that after the surgery, my first recollection was someone saying to me to take a deep breath that she was removing the breathing tube. I didn't feel a thing. I was very drousy. I opened my eyes and saw my family looking at me and talking to me. Don't worry, you'll be very sedated and not realize what is happening. After that I remember being in instensive care and given morphine and sleeping and waking up for a few hours. After a day, I was transferred to a hospital room and I started to feel great. They next day, I was up and walking. I gradually asked for less intense pain medication. I went from the morphine to darvacet to motrin. Good luck. Where are you having your myectomy done?
        Linda S


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          Re: After Myectomy

          I thank you all for your replys. Im not actually having a myectomy.. I guess you can say my mom sort of is. She is having a valve, possibly 2 replaced, calcium deposits removed, a by pass of an artery thats 60% blocked and possibly a myectomy while they are doing all this. She is at Brigham and Womens in Boston. Shes there because 3 weeks ago she was diagnosed by endocarditis. I thank you all again for your replys.