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Life after myectomy


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  • Life after myectomy

    I had my septal myectomy on 5/21, so it's been a month now. I'm wondering what I can expect after my recovery is complete. Before the myectomy, I was very short of breath and couldn't do very much without stopping to catch my breath. I had the myectomy done at the Mayo, and the doctors said that everything went just as they'd hoped, that my MVP was basically gone, and the blood velocity was back to close to normal. So my question is, say 6 months to a year from now, when the recovery is complete, what sorts of things will I be able to do, what sorts of things will I still not be able to do, and what sort of other risks/complications would I need to worry about. I know it's different for every person, but I'd love to hear from people who had a myectomy over 6 months ago, and how their lives are now compared to what it was like before.


    Kathy Hinsley

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    Re: Life after myectomy

    Hi Kathy or is it Elizabeth?

    I had Myectomy at Mayo in Oct 02'. Before surgery, I was very SOB and had several episodes of pvc's. I couldn't tolerate ANY kind of activity OR heat. I was also on mega doses of inderal and verapamil (so much so, that the pharmacist asked me why was I on such a large dose) which added to the fatigue.

    Eight months later, I no longer take all of that medication, just two simple doses of Atenolol a day. I have more energy, am more alert than before, only experience SOB on exertion, and can tolerate light physical activity. The heat still gets me though. My palpitations are MUCH fewer than before. I still have difficult days ocassionally. I find that when I over exert myself or get over heated, I pay for it the next day or two.

    Overall, I feel my quality of life has improved dramatically!

    Hope this helps!

    HOCM, Septal Myectomy 10/02 (Mayo Clinic), Medtronic ICD 10/07, TIA 10/07


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      Re: Life after myectomy

      Hi Kathy,

      I had my myectomy at CCF in Nov' 02. For me it has been a complete return to how I felt prior to my decline into HCM. I have never been a super athlete and so the level of activity I am doing now is equal to or greater than what I used to do with some exceptions. A while back I was dabbling in the martial arts etc. which now is out. I am simply carefull to keep my heart rate in the range specified to me by my HCM doc. I no longer have the symptoms associated with HOCM but I still have to remember that myectomy is not a cure. I still have HCM and I still need to control what I do.

      I ride my bike pretty often in the summer, but don't look for me in the Tour de France. I have taken Cardio Rehab and continue to exercise 5 days per week. I am in really good cardiovascular shape.

      I hope you do better than me.

      Cleveland Myectomy Crew
      Member since November 2002

      \"Chance favors the prepared mind!\"


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        Re: Life after myectomy

        Hi, I had my surgery 15 years ago. After surgery, life was good, my sob was better for quite awhile. I took isoptin for quite a few years, then about 5 years ago I began getting sob again, more than usual, and the doctors switched me to metropolol 50mg twice a day. I am now on metropolol 100mg twice a day, and shortness of breath, is so so. Lifting heavy things is still out of the question, and it takes me longer to do housework, and walk up and down the stairs then most people. But I am thankful for what I do have.
        Life is too short to worry about the trival things in life, So live life to the fullest.